Moonlight and Romance …

Eloreaven Gardens As we explained yesterday, there has been a slight delay in the publication of the 3rd issue of Prim Perfect, due to circumstances beyond our control. But thisdoes mean that we’ve been able to include an extra landscape feature this month – the Eloreaven Gardens.

We also have another rather beautiful sim as our Landscape of the month – and I’ll be talking about that on the blog. But I thought readers might be interested to learn something about this little romantic treat that we’ve slipped in as a goodie.

Rather more than just a romantic club, although that element is present too, the Eloreaven Gardens offer a variety of environments – including ballrooms. However, there most interesting feature is, as the name suggests, their gardens.

These are on a smaller scale than the more famous Lost Gardens of Apollo, but can get crowded. A recent re-rganisation seems to have changed the layout somewhat, but there are still some gorgeous areas not only on the sky level, but also on the ground – and you should definitely try to visit these on the ground if you get the chance.

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