Prim Perfect Issue 3 is now out!

Issue 3 And we think that it looks as good as ever.

You can obtain your copy through a vendor – you’ll find Prim Perfect Vendors located at many of the best furniture and garden stores throughout Venice – as well as in other locations. If you come across a place where you think you should be able to get a copy and can’t – then why not have a word with the owner?

If you can’t find a vendor anywhere else, drop into our offices in Venice – we have vendors inside and outside the store.

Or you can get a copy from SLExchange or OnRez – just search on Prim Perfect (and you’ll be able to pick up the May or June one for free too!).

For people who have asked for access to the pdf of the magazine – you’ll find it at:

If you get it in world as a Thinc book (a lovely way to read it), you’ll find that it also now comes with a url – in the description of the product. Just select and copy that when you open properties, paste it into your browser, and it will take you straight there.

Over the coming weeks, we will be telling you more about what’s in this edition of Prim Perfect – as well as our usual news and features about all that’s interesting and best in SL design, homes and gardens – so keeping reading the blog!

And let us know what you think of Issue 3.


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