Signature Pieces: Part 3

phoenix_palm Remember when I started this occasional series on signature pieces with articles on Baron Grayson’s hammock and Szabo Horn’s grandfather clock? These are beautiful pieces and, in some ways, they’ve become the signature pieces for their designers – items that are so lovely and memorable that they appear throughout SL – sometimes in unexpected places.

Well, today I’m going to talk a little about the one that is probably most dominant in Second Life, the one that could, quite reasonably, in terms of content provision, be called Second Life’s killer app.

It is, of course, Lilith Heart’s phoenix palm tree from the Heart Garden Centre.

I first came across it in my travails with a neighbour who favoured a singularly ugly banana palm (I’m adding full links to the banana palm saga at the bottom of the article for those who are interested). But, of course, once you have recognised the designer of that one phoenix palm, you start to see them all over. And I really do mean all … over.

Idyllic Exile beach Some wonderful locations may be filled with them. When I interviewed Parrish Kline, the owner/designer of our June Readers’ Home of the Month Idyllic Exile (see Issue 2 here), his estate was liberally landscaped with plants from the Heart Garden Centre – especially the wonderful Phoenix Palm. In fact, I told Parrish that I thought he must be on Lilith and Dolly Heart’s Christmas card list!

But, in fact, you’ll see them throughout Second Life – and why not? They’re beautifully constructed, low on prims and reasonably priced. Best of all, the Heart Garden Centre offers them not only in a variety of sizes as individual palms, but also offers them in a variety of arrangements.

You can see several such arrangements at Idyllic Exile.

Palm Arrangement But, if you look up at the heading of this blog, you’ll also see a Lilith Heart arrangement on the strap picture – the same one as that shown one on the left here, in fact, and shown larger on Flickr.

This seems to be one of the Heart Garden Centre‘s greatest strengths – that they, like any good real life garden centre, offer groups of plants together. Within this arrangement, as well as the phoenix palm, there’s a second type of palm tree, shrubs and a least two flowers: elegant calla lilies and the stupendous crane flower, which I first came across years ago in South Africa.

You might think that, having created the ubiquitous palms of Seond Life, the Heart Garden Centre might be content to relax (and watch the Lindens roll in). But not a bit of it. Next time you’re on a skiing trip in some snowy sim, click on those pine trees as your chairlift wafts you past … and I bet you’ll find of that they too come from the Heart Garden Centre. And the cypresses, orange and lemon trees that give a wonderfully authentic feel to my new home on Tuscany Island – yes, they’re from the Heart Garden Centre too.


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