Summer Treasure Hunt: Clue 10 – Shop

sofa Once again there’s a Treasure Hunt in this month’s edition of Prim Perfect. There are thirteen stores taking part this month – and this month you have to visit the store to discover the prim count of each of the pieces featured in the magazine. You’ll find instructions on how to find the prim count for an item on our Treasure Hunt Information page.

Today’s clue is from the Shop, the Second Life version of the rl company JV Holdings, and the work of SL designer Alias Alcott. We’ve talked about these re-creations of modern furniture before, and the interesting tie-in between real life re-creations and the ones you can purchase in SL.

Shop favours the work of modern Danish designers like Arne Jacobsen, Kurt Ostervig and Verner Panton. Just recently, Alias Alcott, the owner, has moved into a range of modular corporate seating too, based on the designs of Verner Panton.

For their entry in the Treasure Hunt, though, Alias has selected another popular design – the Le Corbusier sofa. And that is one of the treasures that you will have to find.

What you have to do is to find as many prim counts as you can in all the listed stores, and send the details to, including your avatar name and an answer to the tiebreak question (which you’ll find in the magazine on Page 28). The person to find the most prim counts will win – and in the event of a tie, we will use the tie-breaker.

Also: – you don’t necessarily have to find every prim count to win a prize! Just find as many as you can – by August 31st.

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Another clue will be coming very soon!

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