Designing Worlds pays a final visit to SL7B

This week saw our second and final visit to SL7B – and we were determined to fit in as much as we possibly could!
Vodpod videos no longer available.

We started with a visit to the main stage area – where Elrik met Harper Beresford, SL7B Organiser, and Courtney Linden,Community Liaison for Linden Lab, and discussed with them how the event had gone. Then we joined Saffia (as, we promise, you have never seen her before!) to explore Brush Cities with the designer, Skycat Ranger, although Toady Nakamura, the other builder was unable to be here. But we did have the company of a couple of Grendel’s dragons and on the show, you’ll find out why!

Then Saffia paid a visit to the build by Ruby Vandyke of Horse Events in SL, while Elrik met Cindy Bolero to talk about her work with Aero Pines Park and Recreation Area … and beyond! Then Saffia met Marianne MacCann to explore Unexpected Childhoods and learned about some of the diverse reasons people become children – and parents in Second Life.

Then it was on to Resonance, designed by Free Wee Ling, to explore sounds and colours and finally a voyage through the tremendous TeleOctoscope, created by Maya Paris and L1Aura Loire.

As you can see – this is a packed show!

You will be able to visit Sl7B – but only until July 3rd – so this is really the last chance to see all these tremendous builds for yourselves!

Or you can watch Designing Worlds again!

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