SL7B: Tales from the Manor

Every avatar has a story, and Ray Weyland recognizes and salutes that in his build titled Tales from the Manor.  Some avatars have a rich, fictional back story.  Others may be based on the lives of their typists.  All of them change and evolve during their time on the grid resulting in “Unexpected Collaborations”.

The site is a version of Weyland Manor, found within the Winterfell regions and built by Cierra Anatine of *Kismet*.   The manor, as is the simplified version at SL7B, is open to all with refreshments and a dance system.   It was from the Winterfell community forums that Ray Weyland drew his inspiration.  Estate owner Miss Serra Anansi encouraged the residents to tell the stories of their characters.  Some of these stories were collected for this exhibit and are available in books and notecards on the two floors of the manor.

The builds for the SL7B celebration can cause sensory overload if one spends too much time exploring.  Within the bookshelf-lined walls of Weyland Manor, it is possible to relax and catch one’s breath for a moment.  Spend some time learning about the stories of others, and then perhaps take a seat at the desk and think about writing your own.

The SL7B celebration ends tomorrow, July 3.  If you haven’t had the chance to see any of the builds, please take a little time to see the incredible collaborations by some talented creators and communities!

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