Designing Worlds has a Meta Makeover – and a gift to Relay for Life

Saffia & Elrik have a visit with Cinders Vale to see the amazing makeover done by Leyla Firefly of Belle Belle. Cinders Vale has her own small gallery and store, and is an enthusiastic follower of treasure hunts across the grid, but is perhaps best known to people as a tireless campaigner for Relay for Life. She had a great house and furniture given her by friends, but she’s never really pulled it all together to make a home – it was just separate rooms – she’s never even got round to having a bedroom!

Now you can see the transformation that Leyla created …

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Cinders is Native American, and Leyla was delighted to work with her to create a design that paid tribuite to this.

But even more than that, Cinders is a keen worker for Relay for Life, organising their programme of Makeover Magic- a special programme adapted from the real life American Cancer Society. Physical Makeovers are offered to each year’s participants from the cancer survivor and caregiver groups, and Cinders says, “We are honoured to give some pampering to those who are so deserving.” She talks about this on the show, and also her role as Chair of the Survivors and Care-Givers Group.

Leyla saw this as a chance to make her own contribution to Relay for Life, a cause close to her own heart. She has generously donated all the furniture she created for the show, which can now be obtained from special RFL vendors in her own store. In addition, the house that Cinders lives in is also available as a RFL purchase, thanks to Leyla and to Jeremey Ryan of Barefoot Homes, the creator of the house. The RFL version is available with Leyla’s special textures for the walls, and other additions such as the window blinds.

And you can see some of Leyla’s designs – and her RFL vendors in our exhibition hall on Northpoint!

All in all, this made for a fascinating show!

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