What do you mean, it’s not real TV?

Sometimes people watching the Designing Worlds show, people say, “I forgot that it wasn’t real television!”

Well, actually, it is real television – just delivered in a new and exciting series of formats – inworld, on the web, on your iPod or iPhone (we know of at least one viewer who downloads it to watch when cycling at the gym) …

And, should you wish it, on your TV screen!

Designing Worlds on a TV screen
Designing Worlds on a TV screen

Wildstar Beaumont, a regular viewer, says that all it needs is “the DW podcast feed in iTunes … a multimedia server that grabs the feed and makes it available on the network … a compatible TV … ”

And there he has the latest episode!

Watching DW in real life
Watching DW in real life

“I use TVersity as multimedia server and it works very well,” says Wildstar, “taking care of format conversion if the client does not support the original format.”

But how does Designing Worlds translate to a bigger screen?

“It looks very well,” says Wildstar, “very much enjoyable.”

Elrik introuduces the show
Elrik introduces the show

So … what’s your preferred way of watching the show?


  1. Probably one of my favourite ways of watching shows that I don’t watch live is through my PSP. Downloading the episodes either through iTunes or directly from Treet.tv’s website and putting them over to the PSP is relatively simple, especially using Sony’s MediaGo software.

    I know that Treet’s working on applications for both the iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android markets to make watching Treet on the move much easier.

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