Ekphrasis: PJ Trenton – Documentary

First, a sincere apology. I’ve sorely neglected Ekphrasis due to many physical world commitments, and though readers may not have missed it as much, I certainly have. I am brimming over with ideas, with little time to express them, making for a very fussy virtual art historian. However, I thought I would post this, and leave my own door open wide for critique.

One day last fall, I had the vague notion that I might turn Ekphrasis into a podcast, really just a reading of the article that I would post here for those ‘on the go’ types. I know I enjoy a good podcast on my morning commute. However, in thinking on it, I realised quickly that an Ekphrasis podcast wouldn’t work very well if you couldn’t also see the images.

As such, I set to work on turning one Ekphrasis into… well, I’m a bit confused on the term here. I hesitate to call it a machinima, since it lacks realtime capture (it is comprised of stills). Let’s say it is a short documentary, an experiment of sorts. I am grateful to PJ Trenton for being my guinea pig, as well as collaborator. I’ll leave it to viewers to judge whether the original article, Ekphrasis:PJ Trenton (posted almost exactly a year ago) translates as well in this medium, but I will say one of the great benefits of this medium is the ability to show you even more of PJ’s beautiful work, including some of his RL photos. I’d love to make more of these, but only if this one isn’t seen as total rubbish!

And due to my severe Ekphrastic lapse, I shall have to come back with a vengeance. Keep your eyes peeled for a very special Ekphrasis in the next couple weeks that has been quite a while in the making. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this wee film.

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