Fantasy Faire 2011 – Day 1 round up and Fantasy Faire Central sim guide

Fantasy Faire 2011 opened to day and has seen a busy start. At the time of writing the team total for Friends Fighting Cancer (FFC), the group name for the hosts of Fantasy Faire, has surpassed 1.3 million Linden Dollars.

The Fantasy Faire 2011 is the largest gathering of fantasy designers,
enthusiasts, roleplayers and performers in the virtual world.  Nine days
of commerce, special events, live music concerts, exclusive items
auctions, RFL ribbon hunts and fundraising to benefit Relay for Life and
the fight against cancer.

Fantasy Faire Central

Fantasy Faire Central is the first palce a visitor is likely to see when they arrive at the Faire, despite its name it is not physically central withing the sim map. This was a deliberate decision to disconncet the event sim from the main commercial sims to prevent the lag that major events incur from dragging down the performance of its neighbours.  So instead, Central nestles next to the main American Cancer Society sim, a void hop away from the rest of the action.

The Central Sim, landscaped by Ember Farina and Zander Greene is a place of colourful beauty with a serene air that belies the music and dance that takes place in the clouds above. Laid out in a hub and spoke design with the arrival portal in the centre. Paths radiate out from the hub to eight custom designed portals, each representing one of the eight Faire regions. Beyond the northern portal, at the topmost tip of the island, a purple paved loop, designed to appear as a ribbon when viewed from the sky, hosts the many auction boards that boast a range of wonderful unique items donated by some of the amazing creators that are present at the Faire this year.

The Central hub/portal is an intricate cast iron gazebo above which a giant purple ribbon turns slowly proclaiming Fantasy Faire 2011 to all.

The paths that lead out to the Faire sims themselves are bordered by
beautiful statues of fantastical beasts each of which cast a beam of
brilliant blue light towards the Fantasy Faire Ribbon above the hub.

Auction point

At the Northern tip of the island is the Auction area. A loop of pavement stained purple to appear as a purple RFL ribbon, is bordered by hundreds of individual auction boards each offering an item donated to the event. Visitors can bid upon the items that they desire and at the end of the event when the auctions end, if you are the lead bidder your item will be delivered.

Entertainment stage

High above the serene gardens floats the entertainment stage, designed and built by Earth Primbee, where DJs and live performers will keep the music flowing endlessly for the course of the event.
The schedule as published can be found here on the Fantasy Faire website

In the photo here we see the galant, virtuous, paladin avatar of Mankind Tracer, who was the first of the many great artists to perform live at this year’s event.

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