Fantasy Faire Day 2 – The Forest of Light

As Day 2 of Fantasy Faire 2011 dawned, the contributions had reached 1.6 Million L$, more than $6500 USD. A wonderful start to the event, the largest gathering of Fantasy creators in Second Life,  that puts them well on the way to achieving their goals.

In a blog entry earlier that day, Friends Fighting Cancer, the event organisers wrote:

When you put on an event like this you never know exactly how it will turn out . Every year we sit back and plan and plan and plan and then pray for the success….Less then 18 hours after opening the sim to everyone … our team total hit the first milestone of 1,500,000L$ .. ( 6000 USD).

Today as the event continues with a busy schedule of fun events and live entertainment, we will take a closer look at the first of the commercial sims. I will be covering them all during the event, starting in the north-west corner of the map and heading clockwise.

Forest of Light

Photos by Beq Janus and Judith LeFevre


At the North-West corner of the ring of eight Fantasy Faire sims sits Forest Of Light (FoL). Sponsored by Evie’s Closet, who were also sponsors of a sim in the recent Fashion For Life event, Forest of Light is a magical, tree filled sim, full of colour and fun. The buildings by Lauren Thibaud, are predominantly styled as exposed timber houses, in a medieval period feel, each then decorated with all the creative flair of the shop owner. I especially liked the giant mushrooms at Epic 

…. and the ludicrously cute fae animals such as the fairy-bunny, found flying out of the window of nearby Material Squirrel

As FoL is a corner sim in the Faire map, the pathway enters at a number of points from the south and after heading west to the border, it turns and follows the outer edge of the sim north and then east where it eventually hands you on to its darker sister, the Forest of Shadow, which we shall encounter tomorrow.

The path is bordered by the timbered houses which host the wide range of creations for sale in this sim.  Sim sponsor, Evie’s Closet, is located in the largest of the buildings, overgrown with creepers and grasses inside and packed with wondrous things, it can be found on the Western side as shown above in the aerial image.

Around the Sponsor’s outlet we find the “Featured Creators” in the medium sized buildings, which give way to the smaller stores of the themed outlets. There is something here for anyone looking for Fantasy and Fae items, including Furries and Micros. Full avatars, outfits, hair, skin and eyes, all available. The full list of creators hosted here can be found on the Fantasy Faire – Forest Of Light vendor list

In your stupour of retail bliss, do not forget to venture into the deep forest, perhaps by following one of the patchy brick pathways that are slowly sinking into the water. The centre of the sim is filled with wonderful trees, a stunning stream and waterfall and beautiful multi-hued scenery created by Piedras Chama & Nonna Hedges.

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