Wanted – Saffia Widdershins?

As I walked through the Fantasy Faire today, I noticed a familar face leaping out at me from posters affixed haphazardly to the trees and lampposts.


Wanted! Our own Saffia? What on earth was happening? 

It was not long before I came upon a man with a small satchel of these posters. He claimed to be a deputy of Sherif Nevar Lobo of the Friends Fighting Cancer. He was not willing to go into too much detail, but it seems certain the Sherif Lobo and his posse are out to clean up this town. “Miss Widdershin’s whereabouts is unknown right now,” growled the deputy, “but we have good information that suggests she, and her treet.tv gang will be around here someplace at 2PM SLT today. We reckon to have her safely banged up by 4pm SLT.”

I hurried quickly away; his informant was correct, the Designing Worlds show will be coming from the Fantasy Faire LIVE on Monday at 2pm SLT. Poor Saffia, I am sure all her friends will rally to her side.

As I left I noticed a small piece of notepaper had dropped form the deputy’s pocket, I quickly picked it up and sneaked away

During this year’s Faire the Friends Fighting Cancer team are holding a Jail and Bail event.

How does this work?

Each sim will have a ” fantasy jail” on it and time is scheduled for anyone who is willing to try to raise bail money for RFL .  Convicts will be assigned to a jail on one of the Faire sims.  The DJs that are on the stream will be able to encourage the folks shopping to come and donate to the miscreant’s  bail and help set them free.

There is no limit on how much can be raised. The jailers will put people in jail for an hour at a time and they can raise as much bail as possible.

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