Peace, Love and Belief V – The 60 Sim Second Life Mega Concert

Peace, Love and Belief Concert
Peace, Love and Belief Concert

Mankind Tracer’s “Peace, Love and Belief V – The 60 Sim Second Life Mega Concert” is scheduled live this Sunday from 12PM to 2PM SLT.

Confirmed venues, as of November 1, are:
Solace Beach, Black Sand Beach, The Majestic, JSP Lounge, Chompers, The Mad Hatter, Club Graffiti Mary Jane Shoes, The Bay, Best of SL (BOSL), Monaco Yachts, Brews & Blues, The Hourglass, Gizza Creations, Miss Darcy!, Champion Horses, Cranberry Cove, MJ’s Blues and Dance, Big Bad Wolf Road House, NY HealthScape Expo Center, Hobo Juke Joint, Mojo Haven Blues and Rock Club, The Rose Theatre, Club NaggnRoth, Bakari’s Island Paradise, Two Moon Paradise, Club Blue Twilight, Neon Moon Lounge, Palazzo Celestiale, Club Myst, Cerridwen’s Cauldron, Nouvel Eden, White Tigers Island, Cafe Andromeda, Villa Lobos, The Crazy Parrot, Crossroads Bar, Yehonatan, Palm Springs, Phoenatopia, Club Kasra, Key west, Fire n Ice, Paris Metro, Plaza Luna, Frank’s Elite Jazz, The Labyrinth Theater, Warung Beats, The SL Enquirer, Sanctuary Beach, Mahalo Kai, PRAKA, Kickin Club, Dream Isle of Love, Giant Snail Races, Blue Bloods Mall, Twisted Thorne Textures, Global Online Hockey Association, The New Colour Factory, Absolut Model District.

The concert is being held to raise funds and awareness of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), which is also named as Lou Gehrig’s disease and a full half of all proceeds taken in at the venue will be donated to help fund research for a cure.

The event, which grew 52 sims last year to 60 this year features Second Life’s most recognized live performer, Mankind Tracer, who is doing this for the 5th year now. During his long time performing in SL, Mankind Tracer has won many prestigious awards, performed countless charitable events for both large and more personal causes and he has released 3 SL CD’s which have seen tremendous success in SL.

PLB V will again be a Live Video Concert. The concert is planned to last for two straight hours. There will also be a live audio stream just in case residents don’t have the ability to see video. Mankind will stream his live show across SL via the new “Stage Screen”. Mankind will perform at an unspecified location in order to speak directly to attendees at the venues and take requests via IM.

ALS is a terrible disease that causes nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord that control movement stop functioning. The condition leads to paralysis, and patients eventually cannot breathe or swallow on their own.

The disease afflicts about 350,000 people a year worldwide, and about half of patients die within three years of diagnosis. Mankind hopes to raise awareness of this disease in addition to raising funds. In Mankind’s own word’s, “I wish you peace in your minds, love in your hearts and belief in the generosity and the goodness of the people that share the world with us.”


  1. “50% of all proceeds, either from venue participation, sponsors or residents’ tips during the event will be donated to help fund research for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease”

    Where did the other 50% go?

    I believe a follow-up is in order, Saffia.

    Thank you,

  2. I always assumed that the other 50% went to the performer and his team. And, to be honest, I have no problem with a split like that when the performer (or creator) is clear and up front about it, saying what proportion will be donated. It’s the way many of the Fairs operate – the items set out for charity may not be donating ALL the money to the charity. As long as people make it clear so that donors can choose whether they buy the clothes and give a partial donation, or make a donation straight to the charity.

    What I have disliked in the past – and I think that we are well over this now (at least I hope we are) is when creators have stuffed a booth with their newest and best lines, and grudgingly set out some awful old crud for the charity item. It was only a few who did that, but it gave everyone a bad name, and I think I remember Phaylen Fairchild writing a furious blog post about it. Like I see, I think peer pressure has largely ended that abuse – I think now that the charity items most creators set out at Fairs and Expos represent their very best work – and that’s definitely something to be encouraged.

    As for musicians – well, I suspect that most of them could sing themselves hoarse or play till their fingers bled for charity every weekend, if not every day. There are a LOT of charity events in Second Life – it’s the demographic. If musicians want to set up and organise gigs where they work out a split, that’s fine by me. U2 play at Glastonbury, but they don’t do it for free (even if their fee is much less than it would be at Wembley – I don’t know).

    Now, the Mankind Tracer concerts. They took place in sixty sims, each of whom paid an appearance fee. There were also sponsors, inworld donations and online donations. 50% of all of this was to be donated to the Lou Gehrig charity (as mentioned on Ed Clarity’s blog (see: That was also in the messages sent to participating venues.

    From the publicity material I received, there were fewer than 60 venues (57?) who would each have paid a total of 10,000 Lindens. In addition, there were approximately 19 sponsors paying 15,000 Lindens. I’m not sure whether, in case of overlap, people paid a lesser combined fee (i.e. maybe you paid 20,000 and hosted and sponsored). There were also inworld donations and donations made by the website.

    I have seen Mankind Tracer raise 100,000 Lindens in an hour at the Home Expo – he does have an awesome ability to raise funds (and on that and many other occasions, 100% went to the charity). And there’s also the fact that he was using the event to raise awareness of the condition and of the charity.

    On this occasion, there was a 50/50 split. 300,000 Lindens – over a thousand US dollars – have been sent to the charity. And, obviously, the same has gone to Mankind and his team – not for the concert alone but also for the weeks of organisation, publicity and cat-herding that anything like this takes.

    You might do the Maths and think the sum raised was a little low. I don’t, actually. I think there was a lot of overlap of sponsors and venues. It’s also possible that some venues decided not to participate.

    Should he have done it for free? Should they all have done it for free? I think that as long as they are up front about what they’re doing and how they’re doing it, then people have the freedom to participate or not. I have been a venue for a Mankind Tracer concert in the past; this year I decided not to. And that was nothing to do with either Mankind or the way the money was divided; I simply decide what support I can give various charities as an individual and as the head of an organisation, and give my time, my skills and my cash accordingly.

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