The Dragons Pay Tribute to Anne McCaffrey

Today, the Gianfar Peaks sims invite all dragons, & dracophiles, of whatever breed, genre, world, age or style, to a memorial service for Anne McCaffrey, author of the Dragonriders of Pern stories, who passed away last week.  It will be held at 3pm SLT, Sunday 27th November at the Weyr Bowl at Shaula Weyr.

Weyr Bowl at Shaula Weyr, Gianfar Peaks
Weyr Bowl at Shaula Weyr, Gianfar Peaks

As they explain: “On Anne’s Pern, when a dragon, rider or person (or other creature) passes on, and the dragons wish to honour them, they keen – making an eerie, haunting sound, as a sign of their grief. The dragons of Shaula Weyr will be gathering at 3pm, on Sunday, 27th November, 2011, to keen for Anne; and we invite any and all other dragons to join us. There will be an opportunity for anyone who wishes, to say (or sing) a few words, in text or in voice.

“We are a roleplay sim, but this event will be OOC, and anyone asking for information about Gianfar will be directed to our welcome area on Kuma. This is a memorial to someone who has touched our lives, and will be sorely missed.”

One comment

  1. It was a sad, lovely tribute to a Great Lady. The keening of the dragons shook the Bowl. At the peak there were 60 on Shaula, really stressing sim resources, but managed to not crash as we shared our grief and said our goodbyes.

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