When is an advertisement more than an advertisement?

When it appears in Prim Perfect magazine.

Prim Perfect Issue 32: Cover
Prim Perfect Issue 32: Cover


Because of the value we add to your advertisement, both inside the magazine and beyond.

First – With every inworld issue of Prim Perfect, you can offer our readers landmarks and/or weblinks to your shop or site, notecards with coupons or more information, and gifts that will interest them in visiting you. Your message, customised for your audience, delivered in each issue of our inworld edition with every ad of a half-page or larger.

In our online edition, every ad has a click-through link.

Prim Perfect Issue 20: cover
Prim Perfect Issue 20: cover

Second –We promise that your message won’t be buried in page after page of advertising. Your ads are well spaced within our high-quality content to give them maximum impact. We’d rather refuse advertising than cram ads all together – we want our magazine to be read, and your ad to be seen.

Third – We work hard to create and maintain a standard of excellence, not just in our magazine, but in our presence within the community. We’ve been rewarded with a wide readership across Second Life – over 22,000 subscribers receive each issue – and there are more who receive the magazine from their estate managers or related groups. And we plan to expand into other grids as well.

Prim Perfect - Issue 31: Cover
Prim Perfect - Issue 31: Cover

Fourth – As you support us, so we support you. This doesn’t mean that our articles are only about our advertisers – we cover a wide range of Second Life content creators, from the very largest to the very smallest. We’re known for boosting Second Life businesses: through our mentoring programs; through our active support of the Homes and Gardens Expo where we not only sponsor a sim, but host conversations with designers and produce and distribute the official Expo guide; and through our blog, where we report on the issues important to us all.

Also, we’re well known for championing the causes that support content creators in virtual worlds.

Prim Perfect Garden Special - cover
Prim Perfect Garden Special - cover

We’re among the leaders in fighting content theft  – Prim Perfect launched the Step-Up campaign to educate residents about content theft.

Additionally, this year we hosted discussions in the main auditorium at SL8B, giving wider publicity to Second Life designers and businesses and the concerns that affect them.

And we’re there at the Christmas Expo too, talking to designers and community leaders, and working to promote people across a wide range of virtual world activity.

All this we’re able to do because of the support of our advertisers.

But there are also tangible rewards to advertising in Prim Perfect: discounts for hosting one of our subscriber kiosks; for committing to a multiple issue contract; and other bonuses. For example, all of our regular advertisers received a free ad in this summer’s tribute issue to Relay For Life.

Prim Perfect: No 30 - Cover
Prim Perfect: No 30 - Cover

In the coming year, we’re planning hunts – an opening Hunt for Valentines, and then a major Hunt to celebrate our Fifth Birthday at the start of May – and our advertisers will receive extra promotion through this.

Prim Perfect offers advertising opportunities that can suit any budget: Premium, Business, and Standard placements, plus our budget-friendly Marketplace section. Marketplace ads, too, are click-through and can deliver notecards and landmarks.

If you’re already one of our advertising clients, thank you! You have helped to make us what we are.

And if your business isn’t yet benefiting from the many advantages we offer our clients, wouldn’t this be a good time to start?

To book an ad or for more information, please contact Aisling Sinclair inworld or at aisling.sinclair@gmail.com, or Zadira Barzane inworld or at zadira.barzane@gmail.com.

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