Identity theft attack on Prim Perfect

Last night, Sway Dench (who recently appeared on Happy Hunting! and who is Designer of the Month in the new issue of Prim Perfect, which will be out this weekend, received a troubling email headed no primperfect which read:

We are very sorry but there will be no new issue of the prim perfect
We apologize for the circumstances.
Sincerely Saffira

The email came from Aora Mogar <> (and I should add that neither Aora Mogar OR Saffira W(anything) are Second Life names. The gmx account has also now disappeared).

We don’t know if any other designers or clients of Prim Perfect have been targeted, or if this was simply targeted at Sway.  It was a clumsy attack – my name was incorrectly given and the grammar and punctuation are, I think, not what one would expect from Prim Perfect.

Nevertheless, we take this very seriously.

My identity as Saffia, owner and editor of Prim Perfect has been purloined for malicious purposes, as the magazine could be financially damaged by rumours about a closure.  That is against Linden Lab Terms of Service.  It is also illegal.

In case anyone still has the slightest doubts, Prim Perfect magazine will be out this weekend, packed with stories and pictures – including the decoration of a whole village of Linden Homes, an amazing photo story from New Babbage, a story about Santa in Second Life, a visit to the Pleasantville sims and much, much more.

Including Sway Dench as our Designer of the Month, displaying her awesome designs in two beautiful articles.

Yes, the rumours of our death have been much exaggerated.  Or, in the immortal words of Granny Weatherwax, “We aten’t dead.”

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