Talks at the Expo: Pooky Amsterdam

Prim Perfect are hosting a series of regular talks and discussions at the SL Christmas Expo.

Today at 4pm in the Prim Perfect Pavilion on Frosty, Saffia Widdershins will be in conversation with Pooky Amsterdam, owner of Pookymedia.

(Please note the time change to 4pm for today only!)

Christmas Expo Talk: Pooky Amsterdam
Christmas Expo Talk: Pooky Amsterdam

Pooky is the head of Pookymedia, creator of some of the most amazing (and fun) machinima advertising and celebrating Second Life, as well as using Second Life as a medium to tell stories.  She is producer of the Dating Casino and co-host and Producer of the very popular The First Question. And she’s also interviewed Howard Rheingold (Saffia’s hero).

Pooky will be talking about all this and more to Saffia Widdershins at 4pm today.

Come along and learn more!


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