Fashion For Life 2012 – Day 1 – DreamSeeker It’s time…

Report by: Beq Janus
Photos by: Judith Lefevre



Fashion For Life 2012 launched today hot on the heels of the official launch party on the American Cancer Society Sim
Yesterday I gave you a brief introduction to the event. From today I hope to give you a review of each of the 10 sims, one per day. Today we feature “DreamSeeker It’s time”.

You will notice a common prefix to all the sims this year, “DreamSeeker”. DreamSeeker estates generously underwrote all ten sims for the duration of the event and so each carries their name. They have booths and advertisements throughout the event so take time to stop by.

It’s time is the Hub and most likely the place you will first arrive. Built by Cierra Anatine and sponsored by LeeZu, Emo-tions, PurpleMoon and Azul, it is best described as a peaceful park scene with a clock tower in the centre. peaceful that is except for the explosion of clock parts, from the centrepiece.Wonderfully executed this moment, frozen in time finds cogs an numerals flying through the air or embedding themselves into the surrounding park and river. The Clocktower stands upon a small paved island surrounded by a river, bridges lead in various directions. North, South East and West will lead you to the sponsors stores which are also the gateways into the four arms of the cross.

To the South Lies Azul, leading out into the present day sims of Zeit and Tijd. to the South West lies a pretty sculpture zone with stores logos and a raffle vendor.

To the South East we find a quiet place of solitude in amongst the trees, and with every sim packed full of visitors, that is no bad thing.

Off to the East stands EMO-tion, the gatekeeper of the past with Epoque and Momentum lying beyond its threshold.


Nestling in the NorthEast corner and easily overlooked is another quiet corner, this one is laid with stepping stones that each proclaim “Its time…” Time to laugh, time to fight and Time for a cure, to name but a few.



To the North we find Purple moon leading the way to the Timeless sims of Aika and Czas. Mysteriously, there is no North West bridge…

Finally to the West we find LeeZu, drawing us forward into the future, and it is to the future we will head tomorrow when we visit DreamSeeker Vrijime.


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