Fashion For Life 2012 – Day 2 – DreamSeeker Vrijeme

Report by: Beq Janus
Photos by: Judith Lefevre

It’s day two of  Fashion For Life 2012, Last night the FFL team had raised more than two million Linden Dollars, a good deal of which comes form the merchants who take part (another good reason to support them) but a large and growing percentage from takings of the event sales themselves. By the time of writing that total was well on the way towards three million or almost 12,000 US dollars.

As promised last night, today we venture forth into the future and the DreamSeekers Vrijeme sim, sponsored by Bliss Couture and built by DB Bailey.

In case you were wondering, Vrijeme is the Croation word for time. In fact each of the sims is named in some relation to the theme.

We enter the sim from the east passing through the stunning new season range from LeeZu and crossing a low bridge. The architecture leaps out at you after the subdued park life of “It’s Time” as we enter a bright, bold geometric future drawing inspiration from Byzantine designs.

Access is gained through a dome topped rotunda and with a few seconds you are stood amidst the glass and jewels of the Vrijeme plaza. The pavement is a reminiscent of a blueprint, a numbered scale running along the centre like a ruler with no obvious reason beyond aesthetics, just “for good measure” perhaps?

Further afield the flat plaza decays into a bejewelled undulating landscape, picking up the very same texture of the main structures, with evidence of more domed buildings, fallen into decay and ruin.

The stores and other infrastructure all tend to stand above the plaza itself, elevated on legs and reached by translucent crystal stairs.

Despite the clear geometrical design of the sim, the layout is not immediately obvious, so take a moment to cam up and get an aerial view, noting that alleyways cut through the main street and lead out to the corners of the sim where other merchants are waiting to lighten the weight of your purse.

DreamSeeker Vrijeme

Ahead in the centre of the sim lies Bliss Couture, lead sponsor, glorious in all its sumptuous decadence.

Bliss Couture @ FFL 2012

A range of stunning gowns, from the stunning and sexy to the radical and raunchy  awaits and the temptation is all but overwhelming to run straight ahead. But to give in to that urge would imply missing the many other extraordinary items available to those who take the extra time to stray form the main thoroughfare.

There appears to be a heavy japanese influence in numerous stores, with brightly coloured kimonos and contemporary Japanese attire at Milky House and Kisetsu and a number of incredibly cute, fiction inspired, creations at Nonko Romankan. Time is the theme this week and time should be taken to explore and you are bound to find some new merchants that you have previously overlooked.

Ultiumately you are lead through the Bliss store to access the second half of the sim, where many more merchants await you. Ahead to the west lies our next sim Dream Seeker Volta, the second of the two “Future” sims, and tomorrow we’ll explore the retail delights that await us there.

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