Fashion For Life 2012 – Day 3 – DreamSeeker Volta

Report by:
Beq Janus
Photos by:
Judith Lefevre
It’s now day three of  Fashion For Life 2012, a third of the way through, so much more to see and do and spend!

The FFL total has now passed three million linden dollars and is heading steadily on towards four.

Tonight we conclude our sojourn into the future with the truly out of this world DreamSeeker Volta sim, sponsored by Sonatta Morales and built by Troy Vogel.

We enter the sim from the east passing through the eastern byzantine rotunda of Vrijeme. We find ourselves transported to another world, a star strewn sky looms overhead but your eye is drawn past the elegent Art Deco comluns to the great globe of a planet that dominates the horizon.

DreamSeeker Volta

The path splits in three and while the central path leads straight to the Deco Delights of Sonatta Morales’ store the left and right branches will lead you to the many hidden gems.

Today, FFL launched a new set of maps. A wonderful body of work by Roscko Cobalt of Ruca Tease. Roscko, who was also the designer behind the northern most sim (DreamSeeker Czas) visited every single store in every single sim to produce these gorgeous maps that bear a symbol reflecting the type of goods sold by that store. We will visit Roscko’s creation in the coming days.  Here is his map of Volta and a link to the FFL pages for all the maps.

Dream Seeker Volta (map by Roscko Cobalt)

The architecture of Volta is truly gorgeous. Troy Vogel has created a stunning platform for the display of the equally stunning works of the designers here. Predominantly, ladies fashion there is still something for the men at Styles of Edo and a few others.

As you wander (and spend) you will find yourself drawn towards the planet that looms large overhead and in time will find yourself at the small sea-front cafe that overlooks the planet. Spectacular views and some great photos. Why not model those outfits you just bought against this stunning backdrop?

At the centre of the sim of Sonatta Morales’ store. Sonatta who is well known for her range of vintage clothing, may seem out of place in the future, but Troy’s store certainly captures the essence of her vintage roots.

Volta lies at the end of the “Future” arm of the FFL cross of sims. So for now we must turn back and return to the hub at “it’s time”, for tomorrow we are off to the timeless sims to the north with Cory Edo’s build for Lapointe and Bastchild’s Dream Seeker Aika sim.


  1. Thank you for this beautiful review. Volta and Fashion for Life were both a work of love for me. As you may know, this is the first time I participated in Fashion for Life or anything of this magnitude.

    We all had a lot on our plates in terms of tasks, todos, and last minute curve balls but I must say a good team makes the difference. We all got along swimmingly, laughed the whole way through even when we were up at 2 am fixing some problems that came up in the last minute.

    I want to thank Harper and team for making FFL a delight to contribute to this year. I want to thank all the designers who moved into my stores on Volta and set up such beautiful shops despite the difficult angles. I want to thank Sonatta for believing in my vision of the future and bringing her fabulous style to marry it so perfectly.

    My vision of the future for this project was a calm orderly clean space with various golden styles of the past mixed in a great big blender. As a builder of course I wanted attention, we all do. But I had to hold myself back and tone down the design to provide shells for the stores allowing the designers to shine through like precious gems in a setting.

    So what the Earth’s crust is coming apart and revealing magma through the cracks towards the sides of the sim? So what Melancholia is about to brush us by. We have a cafe run by teddy bears from the future; Come and enjoy a brew and a snack and try your new garment on.

    Come and enjoy the fashions in Volta and Fashion for Life.

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