Alurel and the Aether Chrononauts announce Literature for Life

Aiánna Ferúviál owner of the fantasy regions of Alurel, today announced a Relay For Life of Second Life event to take place in June.  June may seem a long way off but Aiánna is looking to finalise the volunteers soon so if you are interested please drop her a notecard.

Attention writers and readers of every type!

Alurel has joined the Relay For Life team, Aether Chrononaughts, this year. We are planning two major, day-long events in Alurel to raise funds for Relay for Life, one of which is completely literary in nature!

I am calling for all of those who read/perform in Second Life to take part in this Literary event, to be held on June 2nd, 2012. The event is likely to last all day so there will be quite a few spaces to fill!

Please IM Aiánna Ferúviál (Aianna Oh) if you wish to take part in Alurel’s Relay For Life literary event as soon as possible. The deadline for getting back to me is May 15, 2012, so make sure you contact me quickly to get the best space during the event for your schedule!

Love and Light,
Aiánna Ferúviál (Aianna Oh)
Lady of Alurel

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