Spooky Mistwallow and Up4 Dawes, Happy Hunting! Guests on March 16, 2012

Associated Gridwide Hunters Group logo
Associated Gridwide Hunters Group logo

Message from Cinders Vale:
We are going to be taping our next show on March 16th at 3pm PST, at the treet.tv studios in Garden of Dreams. My guests will be Spooky Mistwallow and Up4 Dawes.

Spooky has been on Happy Hunting! before as a hunt organizer. This time she will be speaking about a group that she founded: The Associated Hunt Vendor Group, a.k.a. AHVG. It should be pretty interesting to hear exactly what this group does in the world prize/gift hunting and to make the hunts all that a hunter could wish for.

Umbrella Hunt at Old Europe Village Market Fair
Umbrella Hunt at Old Europe Village Market Fair

Up4 Dawes is a new guest on the show and we will be visiting his sim, OLD EUROPE for our location shoot. Right now the Village Market Fair is going on at the sim. And at the same time is a special hunt with the local merchants participating. This is a wonderful sim to visit and there is always something going on. Up4 is someone who just doesn’t make his land look pretty, he keeps it active and alive.

And of course, we will have the latest hunt news from Frequency Picnic. Freq will be showing off some of the great hunt gifts she has found from some of the current hunts. There are some terrific gifts out there for all you hunters. Be sure to check it out.

Frequency and Cinders on Set
Frequency and Cinders on the Happy Hunting! set

MarkTwain White and Markie the Gnome will be entertaining us with their latest adventure out on the Second Life grid. Watch the video to see where Markie has been hidden and for your clues. You could win the L$2,000 prize!

Come on over to the treet.tv studio, take a seat, be part of our studio audience. Bring along your hunter friends too. We will be glad to have you all join us for the show.

Until then, Happy Hunting!

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