Fashion For Life 2012 – Day 7 – DreamSeeker Momentum

Report by: Beq Janus Photos by: Judith Lefevre

Day 7 has nearly passed us by so here, without further ado, is your sample of Fashion For Life goodness for today.

It’s Friday already and with the team total teetering on the edge of 4.5 million Lindens it is time for 55 for Life. 55 for Life is a special one day event when each participating merchant will offer at least one of their items for 55L. So grab your sisters, brothers, aunties and uncles, your mums and dads too, even weird cousin Eric, grab them all and get out to the sims now and track yourself down some real bargains. But hurry now, its one day only and the clocks are of course ticking.

Having spent the night in the comfort of the castle in DreamSeeker Epoque we headed east once again warping time in our paths and stretching way back to the Roman Empire. As the time stream reassembles reality around us we find that we are in the Roman Municipium of DreamSeeker Momentum, sponsored by FallnAngel Creations and built by Frederick Lancaster.

The sim lies at the end of the eastern arm of the FFL cross. Roscko Cobalt’s map gives us some idea of what we are looking at.

We enter through a vast triumphal arch, built, in true Roman tradition, to comemorate the Fashion For Life event and in honour of Dream Seeker estate as a magnanimous sponsor. As we walk beneath the arches we enter a large town square, or forum. Around the outside, traditional roman apartment style accomodation, known as insulae, riuse up form the street level shoppes. There would be home to a range of different social classes in the roman society.

In the centre of the square, surrounded by trees and pillars which sport a variety of banner signs; are two large mosaic tiled baths that sparkle in the sun.

Between the two pools stand for taller columns with torches burning. A statue of an unidentifed female, minerva perhaps, stands on a pillar, she is in a state of disrepair that makes us start to doubt our chronology.  Interstingly, the designer has chosen to make these areas inaccesible on foot, which encourages you  to walk around the square and visit the stores rather than run straight ahead to the grand Pantheon of FallnAngel Creations the sim sponsor. You can however run straight into the Gacha pavillion and start your visit off with a few quick fun purchases from the random vendors.

As we walk around the edges of the forum there are other hints that things are not quite as they should be, this is not Rome at the height of its power, notably there are many patches of wall that have lost their concrete cladding, one of the most celebrated of Roman inventions.

At night the lighting gives the town a warm glow, you can feel the heat of the day’s sunshine dissipating slowly.

We are grateful that the sun has set as we climb the pantheon steps to the FallnAngel store. Our visit concludes and we head back through time to the FFL Hub at “It’s Time”, for tomorrow we will be heading south on the fourth and final leg of out journey.

Take your time on the way back, there is no hurry and there are plenty of shops to visit. Don’t for get 55 for Life….


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