Expect the unexpected at the Fantasy Faire

A Petite in Meandervale
A Petite in Meandervale

There have been some great new things at the Fantasy Faire which has – because of Thursday’s grid down-time – been extended for an extra day!

I haven’t yet caught up with the Tiny Calypso Band, sadly – but everyone will tell you that petites are the big thing of the Faire. I must confess, I’ve bought one myself … and it has been great fun travelling around the Faire.  The cuteness is frightening.

But we came across the really big thing of the Faire (if I might so refer to Miss Quixote) in The Tides as we were filming an upcoming episode of Designing Worlds.

A Giantess in the Tides
A Giantess in the Tides

Ceri Quixote, who makes shapes and skins, is experimenting with a range of giant shapes, which will be twenty foot tall.  The creation she is wearing at the Faire is a special edition – she told us that, sadly, she feels that it’s not really practicable as a commercial shape.  But it’s incredibly impressive!

So even as the Faire enters its final weekend, there is plenty to see and do … make sure you catch it!

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