Fantasy Faire 2012 – Day 9- Shifting Sands

Words and Pictures By Beq Janus
The rumble began at 10am beneath the Shifting Sands. By 1pm it had spread to The Tides.  After that, the force of it was so great that it struck Shadows Claw, Devils Locket, Meandervale.  Across Junction’s stage  to the Auction wall.  Today, the Fairelands rocked.  $3753.  A record daily amount in the Fairelands.  Day 8 overall total, $20,050 US.  A record amount for where we are now  And the Faire continues thru Monday, 4/30 at 6pm.  Count me among the believers.  From here on, anything is possible…
– Zander Greene, Friends Fighting Cancer
Day 9, region 9, our final destination. Time is running out for us and for the Fantasy Faire. Quite literally!
We find ourselves in Shifting Sands, the hourglass that holds the sands of time has been broken and the sands are drifting away, falling to the land below.
In the desert that has formed, a hardy ad-hoc frontier town has emerged and within that town of tents is a growing infrastructure of aqueducts pumping water from beneath the sands and exporting it to the nearby oasis of Devil’s locket from where we have just arrived.
The region was built by Kayle Metzareth of Garden of Dreams, who readers may also recognise as the builder of our wonderful Designing Worlds studio or perhaps for his stunning designer sim build for last year’s Relay For Life of Second Life. The region was sponsored by Solarium, Rynn Verwood and Encaitaron Korobase, purveyors of  high quality HUDs from complex magical spell HUDs, to the more mundane jump enhancers.Ever fancied being superman? They have a HUD for you too, the kryptonite HUD that will imbue the wearer with super powers.
Rynn and Encaitaron are regular Fantasy Faire supporters but this year is their first time sponsoring a region.
As we enter, a wave of intense heat nearly knocks us off our feet. Blinking the sand from our eyes we adjust to the bright sun.
To our right, water cascades along a towering aqueduct, to our left a line of desert tents shelter in the lee of a towering sand dune.
This is Kayle’s first time building for Fantasy Faire but it was fated to happen.
First attempts are always the most exciting ones and this project seems to do exactly what it says on the tin! I think my Relay for Life 2011 designer sim had a great impact on the organizers decision to contact me, but I´m friends with Ember Farina since some time now and even before I started supporting the American Cancer Society. I think she knows that I love fantasy settings and that I could not stay away from that offer. Actually I have no idea what really happened, but I´m glad you guys contacted me, I would have applied anyway
The region is dominated by a colossal broken hourglass with sands tumbling from the ragged shards of glass around its shattered edges. A giant foot rests upon the top of one of the dunes, no clue to how or why it got there.
You may wonder where the inspiration for the region came from, and people can draw their own conclusions but we could always ask the designer himself. It must be a deep history of love for desert builds, a childhood fantasy inspired by the tales of Arabian Nights, surely…no?
Some may think that the whole theme sounds very similar to the Prince of Persia movie, but this is not the case. I think I just borrowed some names. I mostly got inspired by pictures and the woodchip wallpaper next to my bed, you never know what you´ll see next on it

Woodchip wallpaper….well, of course! That would explain the yellowy lighting effects favoured by Kayle :-).

Broken wood chips, I mean stone slabs, mark the path through the region. In the centre, a curious well has formed, sucking sand down into a dark, star filled void, suspended in the centre is a crystal.

Curiously familiar, and reminiscent of the gems mined in Devil’s locket. More intriguing still, the other side of the same structure is pouring water out onto the land.

As we stumble through the streets, exhausted by the heat, blinded by the sand, we seek shelter under the palm trees. In the distance, we can see salvation, a familiar sight, hot but not scorching and with plenty of cool water to bathe in. Is it a mirage? No it really is Nu Orne, we have gone full circle.

Our tour concludes here. Thank you kindly for you company on this incredible journey of discovery. I  hope to see you all here again next year. If you have enjoyed the tour and the many attractions, do not hesitate to make a donation in one of the many vendors across the Fairelands.

Do not forget, while the auctions may be over, the jailbirds released, there is still time to shop.

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