It’s Fun to be Five! And Prim Perfect celebrates with a Hunt … and a Quest!

It's Fun to be 5 Hunt logo
It’s Fun to be 5 Hunt logo

Welcome to our special Birthday Prim Perfect Hunt, It’s Fun to be Five… and a Birthday Quest too, starting right in the pages of the inworld edition of Prim Perfect magazine No.41 May 2012 — with the information you need, and hunt items concealed in the pages!

The theme of the Hunt is a garden party (perhaps for summer which will – fingers crossed! – soon be here.  The Hunt includes 90 Stores that have created some fabulous (garden party-related) prizes for you to find across the grid – ranging from exquisitely beautiful flowers to a small castle and an aeroplane . It starts at the Prim Perfect Head Offices in Costa Rica – where you will find not only the first gift but also Hunt Information.

What will hunters be looking for?
The Hunt tokens are birthday cupcakes, each surmounted by a cheerful red Number 5.

The Hunt token - a cupcake with a bright red 5 on top!
The Hunt token – a cupcake with a bright red 5 on top!

The Hunt has been organised for us by the awesome team behind the Whiz Hunts.

Hunt Quest
In addition to the Hunt itself, there is also a Quest to find 30 numbered Gold Cupcakes. Those are hidden… in the Prim Perfect Headquarters (5 Gold Cupcakes), in the Designing Worlds Studio (5 Gold Cupcakes), and at the 10 locations in Our Ten Places to See article (starting on Page 46). Then you will find the final 10 in the pages of this magazine (10 Gold Cupcakes).

Golden cupcakes for our special Quest
Golden cupcakes for our special Quest

Yes, that’s right—we are running part of our quest in the pages of this magazine!

As you read through the inworld edition magazine, look for the GIFT tabs on the left and right pages. You’ll see that some of these are highlighted, meaning that you can collect a gift. It might be a gift from an advertiser in the magazine… or it might be one of the special Gold Cupcakes for the quest—you’ll have to click the GIFT tab and see!

The prize for the Quest is L$5,000 supplied by Prim Perfect and a fantastic gift package including a top-end motorbike – the MLCC Dragon AND a fun and unique ATV motorcycle and Jetski in one – the MLCC Predator, plus a free month’s rental of land in the lovely Regent Estates, a prize whose total value is over L$12,000!

How to Enter the Quest
When you have collected all 30 numbered Gold Cupcakes, you rez a prim and then drop all 30 gold Gold Cupcakes into it. Rename that prim PPIFTB5Q – <<your avatar name>> and then send it to Whiz Wonder.

Please note: You have to create the prim that you drop the Gold Cupcakes into yourself. Your name must show as creator of the prim.

Make sure all the 30 Gold Cupcakes are in the box. If one or more are missing, you will not be in the draw.

Everyone who sends in a prim with all 30 Gold Cupcakes in it will get a confirmation before the draw.


MLCC prizes for the Quest
MLCC prizes for the Quest

Prize Specifications
MLCC Dragon
31 prim sculpted motorcycle
Unique handling and features
Highly customizable

MLCC Predator
Unique ATV motorcycle & Jetski in-one
Wheels fold up to make it work as a jetski on water.
Probably the most fun you can have with your pants on! (says the creator, Motor Loon)
Highly customizable

News of the Hunt
You’ll be able to learn more while the hunt is in progress from the Whiz blog  and the Prim Perfect blog.

The Whiz blog has details of many of the fantastic prizes – and also helpful hints!

Please join the inworld group “The Whiz Hunts” for help and info. Let us know if you run into any problems on the way.


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