Kiana Writer and Saffia Widdershins on Happy Hunting!

On Friday, May 4th at 3pm PST, my guests will be Kiana Writer of the Sanity Falls Hunt, and Saffia Widdershins of the Prim Perfect Birthday Hunt. We’ll be taping in the studios in Garden of Dreams. So, come on over, take a seat in our very comfy studio chairs, then watch the taping.

Sanity Falls Poster
Sanity Falls Poster

Kiana Writer is the Director of MadPea Productions. She will be talking about the Sanity Falls Hunt, which runs from April 1st to June 30th. You’ve got plenty of time to do this grid wide hunt, with its unusual twist.

Saffia with one of the prizes in the Prim Perfect quest
Saffia with one of the prizes in the Prim Perfect quest: photo by GM Nikolaidis

Saffia Widdershins, of Prim Perfect Publications will tell us all about the Prim Perfect Birthday Hunt – It’s Fun To Be 5! This time around the theme is a garden party, which ties in with spring and the coming summer season. If you’ve done any of the other previous Prim Perfect hunts, then you know how good they are.

Frequency and Cinders on Set
Frequency and Cinders on the Happy Hunting! set

Frequency Picnic, Hunt News Reporter will be showing some of the latest goodies from current hunts. Plus giving you, the viewer the heads up on upcoming hunts. Spring and summer look to be loaded with hunts, big and small, grid wide to store or sim sized. I can’t wait to see what great hunt gifts she’ll be bringing to the show. Don’t forget to check out Freq’s hunt news on this blog too.

MarkTwain White and Markie the Gnome have told us that they are taking a vacation for a while. Personally, I think Markie is on the run from his wannabe girl friend. So for right now, Where in the World is MarkTwain White is on hiatus. Or at least until Markie finds someone to be her willing boyfriend. We will keep our viewers posted on further developments.

See you in the studio and Happy Hunting!

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