And so it begins…

It’s 10am SLT and the Relay for Life is officially open.

Suitbaly attired in low lag outfits we are ready to begin. Stepping into the random teleporter on Relay For Life Island we feel a buzz of static energy passing through us, it emits a burst of light and with a rushing sound we are transported to our designated start point.
For me this is RFL Remember.
As with all the RFL regions, it is named in association to our cause. Many of us are here to remember loved ones, to cherish our fond memories. To think back to other times.
Alia Baroque whose stunning build The Tides formed a part of the beautiful Fantasy Fair this year has produced a installation that has time as its theme and provides many numbered shrines in which you can rest and contemplate your memories. There are visitors books in which you can record your thoughts and feelings as the waves lap against the stones and the sense of tranquillity washes over you.
Clocks flash busily from across the street as water pours from a broken aquarium and we are reminded that that the relay passes quickly and there is much ground to cover.
Passing through the richly textured egyptian camp of Scarab estates and on to the Dominion relay for life campsite, a giant sandcastle set amongst hour glasses. We are going to see many giant watches and hour glasses in the next 24 hours I suspect, but perhaps nothing quite so odd as the beach towel that turns you into a ticking clock a vivid reminder of the dangers of sun bathing.
Don’t for get that you can find live streaming TV coverage of the relay day on the Relay for life Telethon.
Grab your Relay For Life guidebook for lots more information

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