Once upon a relay

RFL Research presents another Designer build. This time from Jalynne Ohmai, whose fairy tale adventure takes our hero Pup through a dark quest, on his journey he will encounter the evil witch Leukaemia who will draw him down into the depths of the darkest swamp. But Pup fights on and we follow our hero on his arduous climb from the despair of that low point.

In her build both interactive and beautiful, Jalynne has woven a simple but effectiove analogy to the trials of a cancer sufferer.

Next we pass into RFL Screening home to the Amaretto Ranch campsite, an undulating grassland littered with giant cogs and statues.

Across the track an entirely more formal build by the Kat team, presents a traditional garden maze with numerous benches to sit and rest upon whilst you try to find your way to the centre.

It is now eight hours since the Relay began and the Relay track is packed with runners, walkers, riders of all shapes and sizes. We have barely yet scratched the surface of the Relay, We passthru RFL Strides with its collapsing viaduct, narrowly avoiding injury as we try to read the informations signs that line the bridge.

Safe but for a few scratches we plunge forward into RFL Support, only to run into the giant Rock Ogre of the Team OD looming over the track.

Swerving from his grasp, we find our way to a delightful recreation of Stone Henge, a Druidic timepiece, of course, built to celestial alignments and steeped in mystery and magical folklore.

This is the campsite of the Team Shadow and as you explore it be sure to visit the butterfly island, bathed in golden light where you can soothe your tired feet in a spring fed pool.

RFL Support is a great illustration of the many different ways that people interpret the theme as we move rapidly from the ancient history of Druidic calendars to the neon modernity of Times Square, whose likeness is captured by the Harmony of Hope team well enough to be recognisable even to this Limey traveller.

This seems a suitable point to leave this very brief roundup. There simply is not time or space to capture all the wonderful builds and stories but I’ll be back in the morning to move onwards with my journey as we head into RFL Acceptance.

Don’t for get that you can find live streaming TV coverage of the relay day on the Relay for life Telethon.
Grab your Relay For Life guidebook for lots more information

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