Time marches on

The Relay is a 24 hour event, an endurance style event to recognise that cancer never sleeps and nor will the fight to defeat it.

Now into the second half ofr the event we continue our journey through the sims apace.

Our first region today is RFL Acceptance, a corner sim home to the Museum of the Relay for Life in Second Life and the cleverly designed and fun distractions of the amusement park designed by the Dreams Community team.

There are some very well executed rides and games to be enjoyed, from the simpler dart throw and hook a duck stalls to a exhilarating water ride and clever optical illusions.

Moving onwards, heading east across the top of the RFL map, we enter RFL Advocacy. Advocacy is one of the terms most clearly defined by this event, something most evident when you see the long stream of avatars flowing through the 40 sims.

The most striking build here rises above you as you enter. The cathedral of scaffolding built by the Walking tall for a cure team. A skeletal cathedral of steel bones with a simple handless clock face.

Next door to the cathedral is the airfield of the flying tigers aerial display team, who viewers of Designing Worlds may recall from a show earlier this year. For the relay they have setup their airfield at battle stations.

From Advocacy to Awareness.

Designer Troy Vogel has created a emotionally charged installation that provides eight small scenes in which the artist asks us to pose and send photographs. Each scene recalls a memory from Troy’s own personal experience with the loss of his grandmother.
The story is poignant, touching, and at times heart breaking and gives another perspective on our theme of time. It is 30 years this year since Troy’s grandmother passed on and yet, as his testimony stands witness to, time does not ever completely remove the sense of loss.
Across the track from Troy’s creation is the campsite for team London who have recreated two London landmarks, Big Ben and Marble Arch.
Once again we are reminded that time waits for nobody and we must move on to RFLCare.
In RFLCare we find the Tinies of the historical society of Raglanshire have reproduced, in their own style of course, an egyptian tomb.
Watch out for the guards whose heads turn to follow you as you pass by. If you are brave enough to venture inside, then beware of the ghost bunny mummy.
Adjacent to the Raglanshire team are the Tinies with big hearts who have created a fun Parisian themed steampunk campsite. The campsite is so tall with the blimp flying high overhead that it is hard to capture detail in the building.
We are now half was across the northern edge so this seems as good a time as any to break for a moment.
But with barely a pause for breath we’ll be back soon with more accounts from the Relay For Life.
Don’t forget that you can find live streaming TV coverage of the relay day on the Relay for life Telethon.
Grab your Relay For Life guidebook for lots more information.

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