A stitch in time…

As our grandmother’s always taught us, “A stitch in time saves nine”, meaning that early action saves much more work later. Never is this more true than in Cancer. Early detection and treatment drastically improves the prognosis for the sufferer and reminds us of the importance of regular screening.

We enter RFL Celebrate and find the Team Dreamin’ Purple campsite. Taking the “once upon a time for a cure” theme that has been used in other creations we find another take.

The team have worked with multimedia on a prim to bring web interaction and an audiovisual fairy tale quest, travelled in world and viewed on you tube simultaneously. Be sure to have your media settings right and enjoy the story.

Straddling RFL Celebrate and RFL Comfort we find the “Fancy Pug Palace”. Looking very much like a canine influenced byzantine mosque the build is dedicated to the love of pugs in memory of Kelly Sandvig, much loved friend of creator Lemondrop Serendipity. If you loves dogs, especially pugs, and even if you don’t. Take a moment to smile and enjoy the collection of images that Lemondrop has incorporated in to the design.

Next up we find ourselves in RFL Courage, to our right we have the aesthetically pleasing rural steampunk scene from the Mieville steampunks for a cure team.

Whilst on the left we are drawn into the magical fantasy world of Photon Pink whose gloriously vivid sim, packed with colour and energy is just the pick me up you need to recharge your cells and propel you on your way. Watch pout for those sea urchins though.

Refreshed and uplifted we journey onward to RFL Cure, where we need to take to the air to get the full effect of the campsite built by the Inpsired Dreamwalkers team.

The campsite is a garden maze heavily influenced by the Alice stories by Lewis Carroll and with a fully working chess set at its centre. yet view ed from above the site becomes a clock face.

Diagonally opposite the Wonderland site we have a museum of cancer brought back to us from a bright and hopefully not too distant future where Cancer has been eradicated. The museum tells of the scientists and doctors who brought about the end of the curse.

And now we are rapidly approaching another corner, we have completed the northern edge and for our journey this marks the half way point. but with only a few hours remaining there is no time to waste.

We turn the corner and head south along the eastern edge of the map. The corner region is RFL Dedication, home to the RFL Committee and Eclair Martinek’s vivdly lit fantasy forest scene.

Another quick rest before we head on south. Back with another report shortly. I hope to see you on the track as the final hours tick by.

Don’t forget that you can find live streaming TV coverage of the relay day on the Relay for life Telethon.
Grab your Relay For Life guidebook for lots more information.


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