Time brings all things to pass.

Time brings all things to pass. – Aeschylus.

The ancient Greek playwright Aeschylus left us the above saying, and there are many others of similar intent, phrases such as “Every dog has its day” come to mind. And so it is the case for Cancer. Its day is passing, the era of the disease is drawing to a close, and we can look with hope to the final curtain falling upon its wretched drama.

We are in RFL Embrace heading south at high speed, there is no time to lollygag as a good friend of mine often reminds me. We find the campsite of The Friends Fighting Cancer where Saiyge Lotus, Fantasy Faire Designer, gives us a little taste of the Faire and the Spirit of Relay.

From the inspiration of the great works of fantasy literature, hope takes wing in this site which also features many magical RFL vendor items from the Faire’s Merchant community.  The greatest stories remind us that together we are mighty, indeed.  As a wise old wizard once said, “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”
Nearby, Life’s Angels have a campsite built around a central pond, around the pond stand three huts, cancer treatment past, present and future.

Moving South we slip into RFL Enlightenment, with a flowing, serenity of Tari Lander’s pasture on the right.

Running alongside, separated by the track we have an Asian influenced campsite by Torch SLG and a collection of historical buildings from medieval celtic towers and Hindu temples to pyramids and crumbling ruins.
Our next destination is RFL Family and here we find perhaps the largest family in Second Life, certainly in terms of the effort and engagement they bring to the Relay.
We are of course talking about the Goreans for Life, a team that is pulled from the many Gorean inspired regions across the grid. If you have time to explore their campsite be sure to head into the hidden cave that can be entered from the northern side of the hill.
Despite the familiarity of the Gorean team your eye will no doubt have been caught by the campsite opposite where the Riders for a cure team have built which I believe is the largest of all the many hourglasses I have seen this Relay. Surrounded by the rotating mechanics of an unknown device the team have made a spectacular campsite visible from miles around.
I am often troubled with finding a wide enough range of metaphors and superlatives with which to describe the vast array of creations that the Relay builders bestow upon us. Like the May fly they appear fully formed in all their beauty for twenty four hours then fade into the mists. Serina Juran’s team, Elf Circle, have really thrown heart and soul into their creation.
From the mountain top dragons, down through the woodlands with their hidden drum circles and villages, the attention to detail in creating a beautiful setting is second to none. However this is simply scratching the surface, quite literally as beneath the waves lies Mermaid lagoon, a watery lesson in sunbathing.
You see, Merfolk are notorious sunbathers.  You’ll often catch them sunning themselves on rocks, beaches, and docks.

The American Cancer Society’s awareness campaign for skin cancer prevention promotes the slogan “Slip! Slop! Slap! and Wrap” which is a catch phrase that reminds people of the 4 key ways they can protect themselves from UV radiation:

Slip on a shirt,
Slop on sunscreen,
Slap on a hat, and
Wrap on sunglasses to protect the eyes and sensitive skin around them from ultraviolet light.

Before entering the lagoon, you may want to acclimate yourself to becoming a Mer.  Free Mer Tails are offered at the Main Entrance to the Lagoon as well as  a rideable (wearable – please attach) manta ray – who will act as you UV Ray Protector while underwater… He will also allow you to “swim” as a mer with a built in AO.

The Elf Circle build spans three sims, from family on the northern edge, all the way through RFL Fight back and into RFL Give.
Don’t forget to pop in on the breedables who are clustered along the western edge of the RFL Fight Back sim.
Time for another short break. The relay will close shortly, so we must speed onwards as soon as we have caught our breath.
Don’t forget that you can find live streaming TV coverage of the relay day on the Relay for life Telethon.
Grab your Relay For Life guidebook for lots more information.

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