You may delay, but time will not.

So said Benjamin Franklin.

And indeed time is hurtling on towards the end of the relay. If you have not yet visited, hurry hurry hurry. If you simply cannot make it then do not despair there will be many records, these simple accounts for one and the hoard of other bloggers that are publishing away. There will also be a special Relay edition of Designing Worlds so be sure to check the Designing Worlds web page for updates.

We are standing now in RFL Healing, still heading South and to our left is Serlait Nitsche’s designer build. A truly eye-catching creation whose heart lies somewhere between Steampunk and Skyrim. A great fusion of two genres as the hooded monks cast in rusted iron as if struck down by some magical curse are caught in the froes of dismantling clockwork mechanisms. There is something quixotic about the scene as you wonder quite what was going on.

In RFL Hero we once again meet the Steampunk aestheitc this time from the Steelhead Salmons one of the core Steamland teams. The Salmon’s build borrows and builds upon some of the elements of their design from last year.

The arched construction works are progressing and now they have brought mechanical helpers in to speed the progress along.

I have a particular soft spot for the cat in the fish shaped blimp.

We head down into RFL Hope, the final corner is in sight after that we enter the home straight. As we do this the Relay itself enters its own home straight, the closing ceremonies have begun.

Rynn Verwood has graced us with a wood where time grows on trees. The beautifully rendered scene has watches of allshapes and sizes hanging from and growing out of trees as we follow a winding path through the landscape.

Across the track we have another winding path, this time of a very different kind. In fact, something you are only ever likely to find in the the virtual world of Second Life. Giant Snail Racing with RacerX Gulwing.

And so we reach the restful calm of Bijoux Lefavre’s designer build. Let us rest here and enjoy the views just briefly before heading west to complete the final leg of our lap.


Don’t for get that you can find live streaming TV coverage of the relay day on the Relay for life Telethon.
Grab your Relay For Life guidebook for lots more information






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