Its the final countdown..

so OK, classic Euro-rock doesn’t really count as a high brow quote but Swedish rockers Europe could not be more correct as Relay for Life begins its Victory lap.

And for us we commence the final part of our lap together. starting in RFL Journey, which is home to the New Babbage build, my home team. But we shall come to them shortly, first of all we have to look at the creation of another team, a team that features one of our more prominent Babbagers Mr Victor1st Mornington. Its the Dr Who fans in SL campsite.

The team have recreated a city from Dr Who footage and cleverly used the inside of the mountain to provide the necessary space for the tardis interior. In what must count as a significant paradox that only Who fans can contemplate, inside the tardis is a collection of other tardises (tardii?) covering all the generations of Doctors.

And now on to my team’s build. New Babbage, this year the team led by Nathaniel Lorefield has constructed a clock tower, in true New Babbage style. The tower features 4 clock faces each of which has a different function, a clock to tell the time, a calendar, a planetary motion dial and a counter that counts the number of unique avatars that pass by.

What is particularly impressive at a technical level is that the clocks are fully mechanised and actually work. This remarkable feat is due primarily to the contribution of New Babbage resident Mr Brandon Pappentas, a clock maker in real life, who made sure that all the designs would actually work.

Every quarter of an hour, four teams of mechanical dancers parade beneath the dials as the bells ring, whilst on the hour a steam engine is engaged to wind the central spring that powers the clocks themselves.

Next on our sprint to the finish is RFL Knowledge, where we find another clock tower, this one is far from functional, in fact it is exploding, scattering its component parts across the lands.

This build by Cierra Anatine builds upon the excellent centre piece that she built for the Fahion For Life event that kicked off the Relay season. It was great to see it back once again in a much more glorious form for the relay itself.

Next stop is RFL Life, where Anhayla Lycia has built a giant sun dial set amongst woodlands and pasture. As you wander around the path the circumnavigates the sundial you have opportunities to learn more about the history of Cancer treatment.

Just across the way our third clock tower this one produced by the Gaia 4 life team and set amongst the familiar but always lovely extraterrestrial plant life of Elicio Ember. You can rest a while by taking a quick lie down in one of the Gypsy Vardos.

Further along Anhayla’s design extends to include a delightful formal garden with butterflies, which stands opposite the True Bluesers for the cure team’s stage build. Whose campsite gives us parallel lessins in the development of Blues and the evolution of cancer treatment.

Next we find ourselves in RFL Manage passing through an enormous parking lot built by the Devil’s reign motorcycle team to hold their impressive range of motorcyles.

The parking lot leads us into a giant’s laboratory built by Rathmeous Dagger and Alecto Vella who those who follow this blog may recall built the rather lovely Dreamseeker Epoque sim for Tres Beau at Fashion For Life. The photographs do no justice to the scale of this build without a little context so here is your trusty reporter sitting on a computer mouse.

The creators get extra browny points for having lots of Robert Smith’s The Cure posters dotted around the walls.

The laboratory is so large that it spans two sims the Western side of RFL Manage and the Eastern side of RFL Overcome and so as this is the midpoint of the southern edge of the map it is time to post this report and ask you to join me again for the final report coming soon.









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