Time is running out…

Both for our journey around the track at Relay 2012 and for the Relay season itself. The sims will be open for a few days more ,I hear, and this will provide you with a chance to visit without all the lag and pressure to lap. Take some time to explore the wonderful builds that were created for this event.

We are now in RFL Pledge and here we find the ARmada fights back team whose campsite preparations appear to have been undermined by an enormous sea creature that has set their fleet spinning in a giant whirlpool.

It could have been worse however as Cole Eyre’s designer build shows evidence that a giant passed through not long ago, dropping his watch as he wandered by. The strap stretches out to the roadway leading you up to the dial which has a clock tower protruding from the face.

We cross now into RFL Prevention, where we pass by the United Federation Starfleet camp heading on to RFL Survive.

RFL Survive initially seems to be peculiarly out of order sitting in the south west corner un-alphabetically between RFL Prevention and RFL Recovery. This is in fact the Survivor and Caregiver campsite, designed by Barnesworth Anubis, and used to gather all those survivors and caregivers for the special laps and to hold their images and details should they wish. Arranged as two semi circular galleries set in formally landscaped grounds it provides a poignant moment to think again of why we are here, of why we relay.

On the other side of the track a cleverly designed water feature has water pulsing from the top and cascading down its sides to dissipate slowly across the small pond.

We now take our final turn north to the last sim on our journey. RFL Recovery. Here we find the Aether Chrononauts team whose hilarious campsite build takes you on a steam train journey through the insides of a giant steam powered clock that is apparently broken and being repaired by a hapless team of automatons.

And it is here that I will draw our journey to a close. This has been by necessity just a taster of all the many builds. It can never do justice to the thousands of hours of love, dedication, hard work, and devotion poured into the Relay for Life by the teams, the organisers and of course those who count most of all, the relayers. You have your reasons to relay, as I have mine, we all have our own reasons. The fact that so many of us are touched by this disease in some form or other is why it can and will and must be beaten.



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