SUYS sees you checking the mirror.

Welcome to the September SUYS event! This month’s theme is ‘You’re So Vain‘. This theme is definitely about you.

Our designers for this week’s SUYS are:

*art dummy! [SLurl]
Boathouse [SLurl]
Insight Designs [SLurl]
La’Licious Designs [SLurl]
Mudhoney [SLurl]
[croire] [SLurl]

Remember – everything released for SUYS is just $150L or less, but only for this weekend!

You can see pics of all the SUYS items over on our Flickr page and be sure to join the in-world Spruce Up Your Space group to get the SUYS notices, LMs, etc!

This is our second and final SUYS weekend for September; it starts at 9AM SLT on Sept 29 and ends midnight SLT on Sept 30!


  1. I’m having trouble connecting the name that is listed with the SLurl and the names that are on the Flickr pages – having a real hit-or-miss time trying to find the items I’ve seen on Flickr, inworld. Can you connect the names on Flickr with the names of the shops?

    On Sat, Sep 29, 2012 at 9:39 AM, Prim Perfect

    1. Hi, Cherie – i’m not sure which names on Flickr you refer to. For SUYS, the SLurls in the blog post are the right ones for this weekend’s items…and you can see pics of those items in the SUYS flickr group. Please bear in mind that there are other pics in that group, as well — folks will add their own pics that include SUYS items, plus that group houses ALL the SUYS items since the event started in 2010. The current SUYS weekend items will be the most recent pics in the group, if you want to see what is being offered. Hope this helps!

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