See Happy Hunting! visiting the Acorn Hunt in Old Europe – plus Hunt News and the Blackened Mirror

The Friday 28th September show is now in the web – presented by Cinders Vale, with Hunt News from Rosamoo Mendelsohn of Hunt SL.

Cinders visits the Old Europe region to talk to Up4 Dawes about his exciting new Acorn Hunt. And there’s the new episode of our exciting new mini-series – The Blackened Mirror; our cynical private investigator, Harland Quinn has been taken to a strange new location by his mysterious client, Miss Alais Alleyn, and her associate Mr Biggins. She says they are safe – but there’s a strange library to visit … and an alarming present.

For more details of all the hunts featured in the show, you can read Rosamoo’s post about the Hunt News here.

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