There’s fun noir in Episode 3 of The Blackened Mirror with jigsaws and an exclusive short story!

The new episode of The Blackened Mirror contains a whole heap more puzzles and games … and this time a jigsaw quest for information too – and whether you play on the web or in the virtual world of Second Life, there’s a special prize to be won!

One important element of our games this week is to locate the destination that Quinn, Alais and Mr B will be heading for at the end of the episode.

How do you do this?

Mr Biggins makes a delivery
Mr Biggins makes a delivery

Well, there were two clues in the episode itself – firstly, the gift that was delivered to Alais (and which Mr Biggins delivered to the Library). And the second is her words to them both at the end of the episode – “It’s time to stir the Cauldron!” Combine those two elements, and a judicious targeted search may well be your friend.

Or there’s another way to find out – by completing our web quest, which this week asks you to complete a series of online jigsaw puzzles that leads you – through images taken from the episode – to the destination you are seeking.

As you solve each jigsaw, you’ll see that the web location of the next forms part of the completed picture – you’ll need to type that into your browser!

The first of these jigsaws is located here – and you may find they get tougher as you go on!

But there’s more.

On the web
By completing the web quest, you’ll be given a link where you can find out more information about Harland Quinn – and a chance to enter a competition that will allow YOU to be name-checked as a character in The Blackened Mirror.

Kyle Beckett won the competition in the Fun Noir of Episode 1 and was given a chance to become a character – either a heroic or a villainous character. Kyle is now – in the world of The Blackened Mirror – a leading reporter on The Daily Prim and Millie’s second favourite customer at the Java Jive, as he always leaves a good tip (no need to ask who Millie’s FAVOURITE customer is!). Look out for mentions of Kyle across The Blackened Mirror site and games.

In Second Life
Once you have found the destination, we have a real treat for you with this episode!

Harland Quinn - Private Investigator
This time you’ll find out about one of Quinn’s cases if you follow the trail!

There is a hunt that extends through the region – one clue will lead to a clue for another – but each of the first three clues will contain something rather special – the first three parts of an exclusive Harland Quinn short story – Death in Velvet – written by our brilliant writer, David Abbot. Here’s an extract:

It was a rainy day in the City of Angels when Winona Knight came through my door. Dolores had gone out to get something secretarial and I was dozing the afternoon away behind my desk after another long night at McKenzie’s saloon with Ed Pearse. Looking up at her made me wonder if I was still dreaming: she was the kind of woman who could make you think that, especially with that halo of blonde hair lit from behind, and when she hit me with a smile I just couldn’t help smiling back. The golden hair might have been saying angel, but the red dress she was wearing gave rise to thoughts from somewhere else entirely.

And then you find clue 4 … and that is something rather different. Firstly, it contains some gorgeous gifts, created by one of the best known creatives in Second Life. And then it also contains … well … let’s leave that as a surprise, shall we?

We’ll just say the story comes in four parts … and there’s more than one way of discovering the solution to the mystery!

Ready to start? Head for the the jigsaws – or take another look at Episode 3

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