Learning all about Pathfinding on Designing Worlds – now available on the web!

Our enthralling programme about Pathfinding in Second Life – with discussions with Lorca, Falcon and Maestro Linden, and examples demostrated by Sandry Logan of the Virtual Kennel Club – is now available on the web!

This show was recorded in the Designing Worlds studio a couple of weeks ago – and provided an opportunity for interested residents to come along and have their questions answered. And Lorca joined us for the show on Monday when he not only answered residents’ questions, but also shared the results of an interesting new survey – Linden Lab have analysed the results of whether enabling dynamic pathfinding on a region causes a slowdown in fps (i.e. causes degraded performance) They’ve discovered that the impact seems to make little appreciable difference. Inara Prey has all the details on her blog here.

Pathfinding Discussion on Designing Worlds
Pathfinding Discussion on Designing Worlds

This is a really fascinating show for all those excited by the creative possibilities that these new tools offer. If you missed it inworld – make sure you catch it now!

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