Say It With Bullets! Episode 4 of The Blackened Mirror now on the web

Harland Quinn, Miss Alais Alleyn and Mr Biggins are off to ‘stir’ the Cauldron’. They find themselves in a beautiful and mysterious place – but while Alais feels at home, Mr Biggins has concerns … and there can be danger even in the most beautiful of settings …

Watch the episode to get the first clues that will help you discover more about Quinn and maybe more about his past …!

The Abbess
The Abbess

And in this episode we meet two new characters –Brother Conway and the Abbess. You can find out more about them (and the other characters) on the special section of the website. Did you also know that you can find out more about the people who play them – and about the rest of the cast and crew too?

You’ll be able to find clues on the web – and also within the world of Second Life. Watch this space – and explore this web-site – for more clues …

In the meantime, here’s a puzzle to think about … what links this episode with a famous novel of the 1930s, made into a very famous film, by the author of Goodbye Mr Chips and Random Harvest? If you can tell us the answer (send it to, there’s a special prize on offer! You’ll be able to read more in our special Fun Noir shortly!

Meeting the Seeker of Truth
Meeting a Seeker of Truth

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