Fun Noir in The Blackened Mirror with missing jewels and a mysterious letter

The new episode of The Blackened Mirror contains a whole heap more puzzles and games … there’s a Jewel Theft in Seraph City and a mysterious letter from Harland Quinn to find on the web in this week’s games! And there’s a special Bonus Prize too.

1) In Second Life

Can you find the Jewels that Codie Cullen has stolen?

Your own copy of a special set of Blackened Mirror Jewellery – and you’ll find cryptic clues leading you there all over Seraph City!

Hunt Object - the wooden jewel case
Hunt Object – the wooden jewel case

What it’s about
Codie Cullen, a notorious thief in Seraph City, works in partnership with Fingers Finnegan, another notorious lowlife. Codie gets his name because he is well-known for leaving coded messages for his (somewhat baffled) partner in crime.

This time, Codie has got away with a hoard of jewels – a complete set for ladies, and a rather handsome ring for gentlemen, crafted by the famed jeweller Mr Alastair Whybrow of Sparkle of Sound in Caledon SouthEnd.

What you need to do
Solve the cryptic messages that Codie has left in FIVE different locations in Seraph City. One message will lead you to the location of the next – and each message is hidden in a wooden jewel case.

How to start
You’ll find the first message here – it will point you to a location within Second Life.

2) On the Web

To find a letter written by Harland Quinn that tells you something about his past – and reveals a mystery.

The mysterious letter for you to read!

What it’s about
This is a game that lets you find out more about the mysterious past of Harland Quinn, hero of The Blackened Mirror.

What you need to do
Follow this link to a series of puzzles. Some of them will give you clues and hints … and maybe one take you to a secret web-page.

Harland Quinn - Private Investigator
Can you find a secret fro the past of Harland Quinn – Private Investigator?

3) Bonus Prize

Find outwhat links Episode 1.4 of The Blackened Mirror with a famous novel of the 1930s, made into a very famous film, by the author of Goodbye Mr Chips and Random Harvest?

If you win the draw of all the correct answers sent in by November 16th 2012, you could win a chance to become a character in The Blackened Mirror! Villain or hero/ine, you will get to choose!

What you need to do
Send your answer to the question to All correct answers we receive by Friday November 16th 2012 will be entered in a special draw.

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