Fun Noir for the Blackened Mirror – join the police investigation!

Quinn and Co face a mystery
Quinn and Co face a mystery

There’s more fun noir associated with the latest episode of The Blackened Mirror with more puzzles and games.

Remember those suspicious types who were after Quinn, Alais and Biggins in the Java Jive in Episode 2? Are they the same ones as the palookas who busted into to Quinn’s office (prior to Episode 5)? Our new game gives you the chance to find out – and win prizes too!

And there’s a special Bonus Prize too.

Incident Report logbook - what you are looking for in Second Life!
Incident Report logbook – what you are looking for in Second Life!

What It’s About

The police have had reports of a disturbance at the Java Jive, and they’re going to look into it.

As they travel across Seraph City, they interview witnesses, who give them information about the suspects – and also give them clues about the next location.

Unfortunately, through a bizarre carelessness, they manage to leave a copy of their reports behind in each location, where you can find and read them – either by exploring the locations in Second Life, or – on the web – by answering some questions

1) In Second Life

Find the police reports.

Each of the reports is in a special file/book hidden in five key locations. Your job is to travel around Seraph City, find the reports and bring them back to the police station.

Once you are there, if you can enter a codeword in the special chest, you’ll gain a reward dear to the heart of any good police officer. Each report you find will contain one letter in the password – when you reach the police station, just click on the chest and give the correct password (the letters you discovered, arranged to form a word) and you will get your reward.

And another reward is you get to read the reports – and find out more about the story!

A special treat for a good investigator!

Hunt Object
The black police report book (see illustration).

How to start
Well, as the start of the investigation is a fight in the Java Jive, that’s a good place to start your investigations (and find the first report)! And the first report will point you to a second location …


On the Web

To find copies of the police reports about the investigation into the suspicious men at the Java Jive.

A special movie poster for The Blackened Mirror

What it’s about
This is a game that fills in some of the background to the story. What happened in Seraph City once Quinn had left so unexpectedly with Alais Alleyn and Mr Biggins? Now you can find out!

What you need to do
Start with these game instructions which finish with a question that – answered correctly – will lead you to the first police report – and interview with the owner of the Java Jive, Ceejay Writer.

From there, questions on classic American detective fiction will lead your further into the investigation and more witness statements.

Trouble at the Java Jive
Trouble at the Java Jive


Bonus Prize

This time, when you discover one report (either inworld or on the web), we’ll be asking you a special bonus question to win your chance to appear in the cast and background stories of The Blackened Mirror!

If you win the draw of all the correct answers sent in by December 4th 2012, you could win a chance to become a character in The Blackened Mirror! Villain or hero/ine, you will get to choose!

What you need to do
Send your answer to the question to All correct answers we receive by December 4thth 2012 will be entered in a special draw.

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