Virtual and Real Items Offered at Vintage Retro Market Street

A new region is opening adjacent to 1920s Berlin which will offer virtual vintage items as well as shops that will ship real life items to you bought in world. The area is called Vintage Retro Market Street, and its launch party is scheduled for Sunday, 25 November, at 1pmSLT.

Fortunate coincidences brought the area to life. Mila Edelman, owner of Old Time Prims, realized her store had outgrown its space. A full sim was tempting but more than she needed for herself. The roleplaying region of 1920s Berlin which Mila co-owns with Jo Yardley was having severe prim shortages. In order to hold an event, the owners had to empty their homes to have enough prims. Adding a region to 1920s Berlin allowed them to move the welcome center and free up prims for the roleplaying side. The vintage stores that made up the welcome center have moved into larger spaces and more stores have been added with the vintage theme.

Some stores at Vintage Retro Market Street, an in-progress photo taken by Mila Edelman

The list of stores for the region is impressive. Not all have moved in as of the writing of this post, but here is the list of expected tenants –

– Old Time Prims by Mila Edelman (mainstore)
– Weimar! by Jo Yardley
– Sonatta Morales by Sonatta Morales (mainstore)
– The Millinery Shoppe by Bubbles Roxan
– Swank Brothers by Doc Wrangler
– Garconne by Pola Solo
– Retropolitan Magazine by Phideaux Mayo, Echo Underwood and Nivelm Bing
– Earthstones by Abraxxa Anatine (highlighting her vintage jewelry)
– Curious Seamstress by Kembri Tomsen
– Eclectica Jewelry by Tiffy Vella
– Melu Deco by Melusina Parkin
– RADIO by Jo Yardley
– Golden Oriole by Oriolus Oliva
– Clarrington’s Tea House & Home Goods by Morganic Clarrington
– Oak Outdoor Outfits / Fogey Gentleman by Olrik Jacobus

Storefronts were constructed by Mila Edleman based on photographs of stores in Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, France, Germany, Austria, and more. She wanted each to look unique yet create a cohesive region.

The real life component of Vintage Retro is something rare yet exciting. Just a few stores are planned to start –

– Jolly Lolly by Poldira Basevi and her daughter, a candy store
– A Yet-Unnamed Store by Mila Edelman, featuring yarn crafting and vintage clothing from her real life collection
– RADIO by Jo Yardley, selling real-life recordings

If these are successful, Mila wishes to invite other crafters to sell their works there. So many Second Life residents have talents beyond virtual creations, and this is a promising outlet for them.

The streets of Vintage Retro flow seamlessly into the gateway for visitors to 1920s Berlin, a recreation of the city during this specific period of its history. There are luxurious hotels and grand avenues where people live a life of leisure. Not far away are dirty, narrow alleyways and crowded apartments where others struggle day to day. This is a roleplaying region, and visitors should check the welcome area for any rules of conduct and appearance for the region before boarding the train to the city.

The meeting hall, an in-progress photo taken by Mila Edelman

The launch party will be held in the region’s new meeting hall, inspired by the grand opera houses of Munich and Budapest. This will be the first of many parties for the hall. The space will be available to merchants for announcing new products and to residents for their own celebrations. With the detail put into the building, somebody should stage an actual opera performance there.

The finishing touches are still being applied as this post is being written. The in-progress photographs provided by Mila Edelman can only hint at the future appearance and potential of this region. For more information on Vintage Retro, follow their Twitter feed, Facebook page, or Flickr pool. Better yet, visit and see it in person!

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