Relaxed Rules Day in 1920s Berlin

The 1920s Berlin Project is famous for its strict rules on period dress and realistic avatars. For some this is a major obstacle preventing them from visiting. Today, for one day only, The 1920s Berlin project will open its doors to all comers.

The 1920s Berlin project recreates a Berlin from 1929, the last days of the Weimar heyday, depicting the tensions of a city and a country living in the shadow of the great war, political and social change and heading rapidly towards the unseen spectre of Nazi rule. The fastidious defence of its covenant is what allows it to keep that atmosphere, but as a result many Second Lifers who choose to only ever take non-human form or otherwise do not wish to alter their avatars, are unable to visit. Well today is your chance.

Frau Jo Yardley of The 1920s Berlin Project announced the following

As you of course know, Berlin has a dress code, we ask visitors to look realistic and authentic for the theme of our sim.
But a few days in the year we decide to relax these rules to give new people a chance to explore our sim even if they don’t feel like dressing up or changing their avatar.

On Relaxed Rules Day we will NOT be asking people to dress in the 1920s style and we will be welcoming unrealistic looking avatars such as furries, tinies, etc.
The only rules we will be enforcing are that we will not accept public nudity or Nazi related behaviour and dress.
Of course anyone bothering or harassing people will also be send home.

This may be a good day to show Berlin to your friends who have not been here before and may feel a bit intimidated by our rules or roleplay.

For this special day we’re also asking some of our tenants to open their front doors to the general public!
So you can have a look and see how people in our sim live!

For our tenants this is also a special day.
It can be a lot of fun to ‘let your hair down’ in this city and go a bit crazy.
We will allow flying on this day so you can see the city from a whole new angle, but you are will also not be locked up for doing things that are unrealistic or unauthentic.

As soon as Happy Hour is over we have a little surprise in store and something very weird will happen in the city…
If you already know what…. don’t spoil the surprise for others 😉

See you on the 30th!

Jo Yardley
The naughty niece of Hans Brinker….

The ‘1920s Berlin Project’ is part of the virtual online world called ‘Second Life’.
You can visit this city by following this link;

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