Can you create a new graphic for Prim Perfect? Enter our special competition!

If you look up at the top of this page, you’ll see the Prim Perfect strap – consisting of various element of Second life design.  It’s familiar, it’s pretty and it has a number of what were Second Life icons of design.

Unfortunately it’s also very, very old.

The time has most definitely come for a new strap graphic that reflects the beauty of Second Life in 2013, and the creativity of its designers.  But how shall we do this?

Well, we are going to run two competitions.

1) Design a new strap graphic for Prim Perfect – Prize: L$5,000
We are asking you to design a new strap graphic for use on our blog and publicity materials.  Images should be submitted as a png or a high res jpg, and should be sized 760 × 190 or, preferably, 1520 x 380.

The strap graphic should incorporate our new logo – but should also be adaptable to be used as a shorter graphic without the logo, similar to the way our current strap graphic works:

Old header with logo

can become:

Old header without logo

You can have different elements (the top logo manages to squeeze in nine different images) or maybe blow us away with a single stunning Look. The choice is yours.

Remember that you will need to use our new logo, which looks like this:

Prim Perfect new logo

Or, of course, in banner format:

Prim Perfect's new logo

We will feature all the entries that we love in the February issue of Prim Perfect – and announce the winner.

2) Show us the home and garden style icons of Second Life in 2013 – 5 prizes of L$1,000 for the best!
When the strap was created in 2007, many of the elements were selected as iconic. What would be similarly iconic in 2013? Send us an image of a design artefact that YOU believe is iconic in Second Life.  It could be a Botanical tree, or Dutchie’s mesh bed.  It could be the hanging plants from UrbanizeD or the Italianate villa from Maven Homes.  It could be as seasonal as a Patron Christmas tree. Whatever YOU think is a style icon of contemporary Second Life, send us a picture. Images should be submitted as a png or a high res jpg, and should be sized 512 x 512 or 1024 x 1024

Winning entries will appear in the February issue of Prim Perfect.

How to enter
Entries should be sent to by 12 midnight SLT on January 15th 2013.

Any questions about this should be sent to the same address.

Judges will be Saffia Widdershins, Winona Wiefel and Honour Macmillan – and people whose photographs have appeared in Prim Perfect can enter too!


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