Last Chance to See – Arcachon

Arcachon Atlantique
Arcachon Atlantique

Some days you simply have to tear up the post you were writing – and write something else.

I was planning on writing a not-too-discouraged post today about the state of the grid, pointing out regions that were changing – in design, in theme, in ownership.  Even when some regions were being sold, there are still encouraging signs.

And then you land on Arcachon.

Arcachon - Closing
Arcachon – Closing

I have to admit, I’ve never been to Arcachon before.  We had it on our list of places that we really want to feature on Designing Worlds for its content, its authenticity, its wealth of learning and interactivity … but I had never been there myself.

There will, sadly, be no show now.


Based on the southwest of France, the Gironde, it once consisted of two sims.  Now it is just one, but Arcachon Atlantique has a lovely little harbour, huge beaches and an authentically French feel. On doesn’t just parler francais ici – part of its funding came a language institute developing a programme that would enable people to learn French through an immersive experience in Second Life and – in particular – in the charming region of Arcachon.

Learn French in Arcachon
Learn French in Arcachon

But that funding has run out, and Arcachon finds itself 50,000 Lindens short of the money that would see it continuing another month.

In five days it will be gone.

Arcachon farm
Arcachon farm, photo by Aisling Sinclair

So, once more, I am sharing a last chance to see. Because, unless a good angel steps in, the charming little French port with its stores, its windmill, its lighthouse, its camping sauvage and its cafe, its bandstand, its information about French and European customs, its boat rides, its bicycle tours, its fishing, its hot air balloon, its cute farm with its animals … all will be gone for good.

Arcachon at sunset, photo by Aisling Sinclair
Arcachon at sunset, photo by Aisling Sinclair


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