Moving forward with the campaign … after One Billion Rising in Second Life

Bryn Oh's installation at One Billion Rising in Second Life
Bryn Oh’s installation at One Billion Rising in Second Life

During the one Billion Rising event last week, The Guardian newspaper in the UK live-blogged the event – and  mentioned the Second Life event as part of their coverage.  But – as for so many of us – it’s not going to end there.  Today I received an invitation from them, to carry the campaign and its message forward.

Following on from the momentum of last week’s campaign and running up to the Commission of the Status of Women in March, we’re asking readers who inspires them in the fight to end gender violence. Malala caught the world’s attention last year – who else needs recognition? What are the amazing projects we should be highlighting?

You can submit yoru nomination directly to our site, or upload a photo to flickr, twitter, facebook or instgram using the hashtag #globaldevwomen. Full instructions here

Please share this – and send in your thoughts and inspirations.

Solkide Auer's installation at One Billion Rising in Second Life

I’m also going to be talking here on the blog about elements of the event and sharing ideas how we could move this campaign forward in Second Life – and asking how best we could share our ideas too. So watch this space!


  1. Like you said: events don’t change things; people do. The OBR event – at least to my eyes – can be the starting point for a course of actions to help end the rape culture.

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