Fantasy Faire 2013 – Day 2 – Ravenshard

We didn’t go in search of this fight.  It found us in the eyes of a loved one who was told, “you have cancer.” In the dark of night after hearing those words ourselves.  In the injustice of a sick child, the cruelty of lives ended too soon. Cancer creates nothing new, never had a kind thought. It never fell in love…But five years ago a miracle occurred.  We found each other.  And from that day on we have fought together.  Cancer fears US, and with good reason.  Because together we can finish this fight. – Zander Green, Fantasy Faire


In spite of the lag, in spite of asset servers, in spite the most unstable grid for a long time, Fantasy Faire 2013 raised a staggering 2 million Linden dollars in its first 25 hours. That’s about 8000 US dollars.

Ravenshard – photo by Beq Janus

Today we are passing through the region known as Ravenshard, where, Faireland lore would have it,  “beauty has lost its perfection to a collection of twisted shards reflecting the wondrously literalistic minds of Burton, Pratchett, and Dahl. The lands will be distinct. The shops anything but square, and some may even have feet! Be warned. It’s funky, it’s fun, and it’s anything but straight!”

Ravenshard – Photo by Beq Janus

As we enter the skies shift and pink clouds roll rapidly across the deep blue sky, we are greeted by candy floss trees and chocolate lakes. The path winds precariously through the brightly coloured landscape and the giggles of Tinies can be heard all around.

It is said that the Sheriffs in the ‘shard are the meanest of the bunch and not to be trifled with so we take care not to stray too far from the beaten track as we peruse the stores.  F*cking Ninjas, Epic , United InshCon, FuubutsuDou! kisetsu ,  Bentham Manor,  Fae Fantasy Creations, Simply Fae all of whom are featured vendors alongside Mayah Parc own Epic Toy Factory store.

Full details can be found on the Ravenshard directory page

Tomorrow we venture further afield and find ourselves at Fairelands junction




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