Quest for the Golden Prim: an Adventure Starts at Fantasy Faire

As you have doubtless gathered by now, we are re-booting the web comic The Quest for the Golden Prim at Fantasy Faire, and Petlove Petshop valiantly battled the weekend lag to create a short tour of our installation there – the Explorers’ Club (Oriental Branch).

Have you heard about the Quest for the Golden Prim?

The Quest for the Golden Prim is a web comic, captured in Second Life, that first ran in The Primgraph magazine.

The Quest for the Golden Prim
The Quest for the Golden Prim

It tells the story of a very mixed group of adventurers who are gathered together to discover what happened to a Lost Expedition that set out to discover the Golden Prim years before. You’ll find out more about these adventurers as you collect their trading cards … available from the portraits in the gallery at the Explorers’ Club (and one of the Foo Dogs at the entrance). Check back to see which portraits are on display – and you’ll be able to collect the full set!

Annabella Scott
Annabella Scott

Volume 1 was made up of nine episodes (or chapters). You can read all the episodes at Calameo.

Now we are relaunching The Quest for the Golden Prim, this time as a special web comic. From Saturday 27th April, you’ll be able read the comic at on a weekly basis – and every episode will come with games, puzzles or online hunts that will give you a chance to win special Quest prizes!

Crottin de ChavignolPlease explore the Explorers’ Club at Fantasy Faire to learn more, to find trading cards for the characters and to find inworld copies of the first nine episodes in various places around the Club (where they’ve been left by forgetful adventurers).

There’s lots to see in the Club … including some secret rooms. But no fugitives from stern justice hiding out here – oh, goodness me, certainly not!

And you are invited to join us for our relaunch party on Saturday 27th April at 2pm – 5pm SLT.

Mordecai Watson
Mordecai Watson

(And by the way, the Explorers’ Club also has the only washroom in the Fairelands … there may be a queue.)

But there’s more than this … we are actually staging a special Quest adventure at the Faire – and you can be part of it!

Lola the beagle
Lola the beagle

As you walk around the Faire, you’ll see people wearing titkes that say “QGP” or “Quest for the Golden Prim”, and their character names. If you talk to them, they’ll give you information about the Quest, and about their characters … they should also give you their personal trading card (you can collect more trading cards by visiting the Explorers’ Club and collecting them from the pictures in the portrait gallery).

And keeping watching this blog, The Primgraph blog, and listening to Fantasy Faire Radio – because a story will be taking shape over the coming days …

Here’s the start …

“Dear Frankie

There is new information regarding our expedition. We would like to engage your services once again.

Please meet us, at the Explorers’ club, Lotus Valley Dream, Fairelands. We will be studying the scientific nature of the Fairelands phenomena and will be staying at the club for about a week from the 20th April.

Please come.


Professor McMinn, Dr Wirefly and Miss Primm”


Diary entry 21st April,  11am

I should probably have just burned the blasted card, but I’m somehow still somewhat intrigued by this whole group of haphazard adventurers and, needless to say, I could do with the work. So I kept the card, but moreover, I kept the appointment and now I find myself sat in the Explorers’ club. I arrived last night and so far there has been no sign of the three signatories. I’m not yet sure if I’m worried, it’s a bit too early, they are academics after all, and not renowned for their punctuality or reliability.  I think I’ll save the worrying until after lunch.

Read more here.

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