Fantasy Faire 2013 – Day 9 – Lumenaria

We have worked wonders today.We went through the seven million Linden barrier. Ten hours later, we went through the eight million barrier. As I write, we are less than 650,000 from something incredible: the all-time record for ANY fundraising event in SL history.This record is ours for the taking, and we intend to do just that. We’re already laying plans. Stay tuned.

We leave the smoking tunnels of Dragonspire behind us, and stumble from the choking fumes into the the fresh air of the Valley of Ishnar. Filling our lungs with the fresh air we slip quickly through the valley, we will not stop here now. Instead our sights are on something more refreshing, a sorely needed infusion of happiness. We step into Lumenaria.

Lumenaria by Kayle Matzerath - Photo by Beq Janus
Lumenaria by Kayle Matzerath – Photo by Beq Janus

The sky settles to a misty orange glow, that should tell you immediately thay Kayle Matzerath, of Garden of Dreams, is behind this fantasy city. Kayle has created a wonderful medieval fantasy city that tells its story without words. A grand castle looks over a tiered garden beyond which narrow cobbled streets wind around the castle walls. Bunting hangs between houses, the bridges carry bunches of bright balloons. The city is preparing a celebration and it is for us to live the tale.

Lumenaria by Kayle Matzerath - Photo by Beq Janus
Lumenaria by Kayle Matzerath – Photo by Beq Janus

In creating the models for the region Kayle has built everything from mesh, the trees and flowers have a cleverly hand drawn feel about them that lends itself perfectly to the fairytale setting. The delightful gardens, with butterflies lead up to the grandly spectacular castle in which you can imagine the beautiful fairytale princess marrying her prince charming, somehow I cannot shift the expectation that I will see the animated ogre, Shrek, walking the streets here alongside his wise-cracking donkey pal. Instead of course, we had our own Faireland hereoes, Kayle in elf form,  and his wise-cracking penguin pal…Alia.

Lumenaria by Kayle Matzerath - Photo by Beq Janus
Lumenaria by Kayle Matzerath – Photo by Beq Janus

The detail in the buildings, the lovingly crafted houses and shops, right down to the fruit stalls show the love and attention that Kayle has poured into this project. What is more, the detail and complexity of the scenes have been created with customary frugality, Kayle himself has observed that the entire region, including the vendors could be put into a homestead sim. Perhaps, those of us impatiently awaiting a new Dream Scene can look upon this and acknowledge that it was time well spent, and accept that Kayle most certainly has not been idle.

Lumenaria by Kayle Matzerath - Photo by Beq Janus
Lumenaria by Kayle Matzerath – Photo by Beq Janus

This is the perfect place to conclude our adventure, the heroes are welcomed home, a great party is being arranged….

What an amazing adventure this Faire has been, beyond the wonderous creations of sim builders, the broad array of goods and items that we’ve bought, we have helped not only break but smash all our targets and records setting a new bar to be aimed at for the future.

There is of course one more stop on our journey, The Valley of Ishnar, the region dedicated to a special story that has unfolded during the Faire and which will continue on for another few weeks. We will take a look at the Valley tomorrow but for now we’ll say goodbye to the Faire and carry our fond memories into the future with us.

The Faire is over…Until next year…



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